The Finest Universities Abroad to Study Physics and Astronomy

In this article we list the best Universities Abroad to Study Physics and Astronomy for international students all over the world.

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June 30, 2021

Astronomy and Physics are two of the most promising sub-fields of science. Astronomy is regarded as a subfield of physics in general by most. To be a successful physicist or astronomer the student needs to have good knowledge of physics, maths, and all the other sciences in general. If the universe of physics and astronomy fascinates you and you have a dream to become an astronomer or physicist after studying at a world-renowned university, then we are ready to help you with this article. If you wish to study physics abroad, read on to find a compiled list of some of the best universities abroad to study physics and astronomy:-

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – USA 

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA is a privately owned research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. In fact, the United States of America is the best country to study physics.

It was founded in the year 1861 to keep up with the increasing industrialization in the US. MIT stresses on a laboratory-focused mode of instruction and teaching in applied science and engineering. MIT has a vibrant and thriving department of research and education in Astronomy and Astrophysics. These subjects are further divided into the following departments for efficient functioning- the Astrophysics Division of MIT Physics, the Planetary Division of MIT Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), and the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. It is one of the best universities abroad to study physics and astronomy.

Cornell University | Universities Abroad To Study Physics And Astronomy

Cornell University is a premier institute in New York, USA. It has a world-famous physics and astronomy program which is renowned for its researches, some of which have gone on to win the Nobel Prize. It has a  particle accelerator that contributes to its efficiency in particle and accelerator physics. The department of Astronomy at the university offers students a chance to study a flexible and customized course according to their needs. UG students can also get involved in research opportunities.

Harvard University – United States

The Finest Universities Abroad to Study Physics and Astronomy

Harvard University is one of the most famous Ivy League colleges in the world located in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the USA. It has approximately 6,700 UG students and about 15,250 PG students studying on its campus. It is committed to providing top-notch learning and research opportunities in the fields of physics and astronomy. It is highly ranked in most QS Universities World Ranking for Science colleges. It is one of the top universities abroad to study physics and astronomy.

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Stanford University– United States

Stanford University is widely known for its academic excellence and close proximity to Silicon Valley in the US. It ranks as one of the world’s top universities in astronomy. It aims to train students to make impactful contributions to society by building on their research skills, knowledge, and leadership skills. It is reputed to be among the top astronomy and physics colleges in the world. It has an acceptance rate of 5 percent and a graduation rate of 95 percent. This is one of the best universities to study physics abroad for international students.

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Tsinghua University | Universities Abroad To Study Physics And Astronomy

If you wish to study applied physics abroad, then Tsinghua University is the best place for you. This university is located in China and its physics department was founded in 1926 and has then established a legacy as one of the most reputed physics departments in China. At the UG level, you can choose any subject between physics and applied physics. Both programs aim to provide students with a good understanding of the concepts of physics and prepare them for a successful career ahead. 

Sapienza – University in Rome

This is one of the top colleges in Europe for physics located in Rome and one of the best colleges to study astronomy. The UG courses are taught in the Italian language, while the masters level programs offer various English taught courses in different subjects such as atmospheric science and technology, particle and astroparticle physics, and space and astronautical engineering among others. 

Imperial College London

The Imperial College in London is a public university and one of the best universities in the UK. It is the sole UK university that focuses exclusively on science. It is a world-renowned university well known for providing top-notch programs in physics and astronomy. The college has a world-class research centre at Silwood Park. Its other departments include the faculties of natural science, engineering, medicine, and business. It focuses on the practical application of science and technology. 

The University of Tokyo – Japan

This is a public research university established way back in 1877 in Japan. It is one of Asia’s most prestigious universities. It has some of the best astronomy and physics programs, both online and offline around the world. It has put Japan on the map of global education with lots of international students opting to study for UG, PG, and Ph.D. degrees in astronomy and physics from the university. The school offers the following branches of study in science and technology and other fields for prospective students- astronomy, agriculture, arts, and sciences, economics, education, engineering, law, letters, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, and science.

We hope this article has encouraged you to study physics abroad. Thank you for reading this blog on The Finest Universities Abroad to Study Physics and Astronomy. To know more about related fields do check out our other blogs. 

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