Top Universities With Scholarships In South Korea For Students

Universities With Scholarships In South Korea

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August 23, 2021

South Korea has witnessed a massive growth in the incoming growth of foreign enrollments with over 16,000 international students attending its universities and colleges over the past 6 years. While the country is a beautiful place to visit, it also attracts students due to the abundant opportunities the educational institutions have in store for students. There are several universities with scholarships in South Korea for international students. So if you’re here today, worrying about your tuition fees, and other expenses, this article will help you find scholarships in South Korea offered by the top universities to which you can apply!

Innovation, entrepreneurship, and a booming economy are only a few reasons why studying in South Korea would be ideal for international students. The nation is also home to high-quality institutions, offering a high quality of life, and allowing students to experience its rich culture. Listed below are some of the top universities with scholarships in South Korea for international students.

Korea University

Korea University is home to nearly 33,000 students from all around the country and the world. The university has eighteen colleges and divisions, as well as eighteen graduate schools, ranging from the Humanities to Engineering and Science, as well as the East Asiatic Research Center, the Korean Cultural Research Center, and the recently established interdisciplinary Graduate School of International Studies.

Scholarships Offered: If you’re eligible to get admission at the Korea University, you can apply for 2 scholarships that are offered by the uni namely:

Global KU Scholarship: International undergraduate students with excellent academic scores, as well as those who perform exceptionally well in their document screening are eligible to apply for the Global KU Scholarships. This scholarship is of two types: 1) the first type covers full tuition fees for 8 semesters 2) the second type covers 50% of the tuition fees for 8 semesters. Again, the eligibility depends on your performance and proficiency test scores. This scholarship is open to all international students.

Korean Government Scholarship Programme: The Korean Government Scholarship Programme provides scholarships to study in South Korea to non-Korean students and overseas Korean students to pursue their undergraduate studies as well as their postgraduate studies. This programme was initiated to promote international exchange in education, as well as mutual friendship amongst the participating countries. This scholarship covers tuition fees for 8 semesters for undergraduate students, 4 semesters for postgraduate students, and contributes towards living expenses as well as for airfare round trips.

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Kyung Hee University

Kyung Hee University was founded in 1949.  Kyung Hee has followed the Spirit of “Scholarship and Peace” as well as the foundational concept of “building a civilised world” since its inception. For the past 67 years, the university has grown tremendously, contributing to the realisation of a “culture world for mankind” as the intellectual leader of the future and the development of shared ideals for humanity.

Scholarships Offered: This university offers 4 scholarships namely:

  • Scholarships for Excellence in Korean: Applicants who submit IS-TOPIK Level 6 scores during the designated application period. This scholarship covers full tuition fees for 4 years excluding admission fees.
  • International Student Scholarship A: Applicants must have 97 or higher percentile rank based on the evaluation of application form and interview OR must submit TOPIK Level 5 or above at the time of application.
  • International Student Scholarship B: Applicants must have a percentile rank between 95 and 96.9 based on the evaluation of the application form and interview OR must submit TOPIK Level 4 at the time of application.
  • International Student Scholarship C: Applicants must have a percentile rank between 90 and 94.9 based on the evaluation of the application form and interview.

Universities With Scholarships In South Korea

Sogang University

Sogang University, founded in 1960 in South Korea, is a well-known liberal arts university. The highly regarded University is also recognised for its research capabilities and has 27 undergraduate departments and one graduate school. Undergraduate English courses are available in the Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Engineering, while graduate English courses are available in Economics, Business, Education, Public Policy, and International Studies. The University provides scholarships to overseas students as well as assistance with accommodation, medical insurance, and social support. These scholarships are offered during the time of admission and based on your eligibility, either your full tuition fees are covered or 50%, or 25%.

Yonsei University

Yonsei University is a well-known South Korean university with a sizable foreign student body. International students might benefit greatly from the Yonsei International Scholarship programmes. More than 5000 international students enrolled in a course at Yonsei University in 2020, with around 500 students receiving a scholarship to study in South Korea. The institute provides undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships to both Indian and international students.

  • Need-based, merit-based, and admissions scholarship offered by Yonsei University at Underwood International College (UIC). 
  • Graduate Scholarships such as the Graduate Leader Fellowship provide for tuition fees for four semesters for Master’s and PhD and six semesters for joint degrees.

Benefits: The benefit of the scholarship extends beyond covering your tuition fees. You will be provided with a living expense, monthly stipend, and settlement allowance for relocation. 

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