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Studying At UNSW With UNSW PhD Scholarships

Tips for international students in the US

Ben is a working professional with 5 years of work experience. He has a self-actualising career with excellent network and references. Ben seems happy and satisfied with the work he does, however, he often wonders how he could become a student again. He starts wondering how it would be like to study at University of New South Wales, his dream university ever since he was 20 years old. Ben wishes to study at UNSW because of the stories he heard about the student life, the world class teaching and cutting edge research facilities.  “Is it too late?” He asks himself. In the spur of the moment, he googles UNSW PhD Scholarships and finds a list of scholarships that suit him the best. 

Ben applied for the following UNSW PhD Scholarships and is now happy experiencing the student life he has missed for so long. 

Ben is smart, 

Be like Ben.

Why Did Ben Want To Study At University of New South Wales? 

Ben often imagined himself working on a laptop with a view of the sea, sipping his freshly brewed coffee and enjoying meeting his deadlines and project submissions. That’s how studying at University of New South Wales feels like. The university, apart from its beautiful campus and earthy coffee is known for its rigorous curriculum. The world leader in research for HIV, solar power and quantum computing. UNSW ranks 44th in the world according to QS World rankings. Ben has always wanted to be one among the 4,000 award winning researchers the university has produced since 1949. Moreover, the university also has a tech start-up community that has produced the highest number of tech entrepreneurs than any other Australian University. 

Australian Government Research Training Program

UNSW offers Research training scholarships to both domestic and international students. 

Eligibility for AGRTP: 

Value of this UNSW Scholarship: 

Ben also found the perfect place to stay for the period of his PhD Program. Where he stayed was a 2 min walk from the university and that saved his travel time and costs. He booked his accommodation through UniAcco and would like to recommend it to you too. 

University International Postgraduate Award (UIPA) | UNSW PhD Scholarships 

This scholarship is available to students who want to pursue a research program at UNSW.

Eligibility for UIPA:

Value of UIPA Scholarship:

Tuition Fee Scholarship (TFS) and a Research Stipend | UNSW PhD Scholarships

UNSW also provides funding for the candidate’s full tuition fees. Students who want to pursue their PhD at UNSW. 

Eligibility for this scholarship:

Value of this Scholarship:

UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarships | UNSW PhD Scholarships

With this scholarship, UNSW aims to solve complex problems faced by the society and improve the lives of people both locally and globally. This is done through training PhD scholars who demonstrate a strong will to drive change in the world. 

Eligibility for this PhD Scholarship:

Benefits of Scientia PhD Scholarships: 

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