What You Need To Know About WES/EP Evaluation Before Joining Your Uni

WES/EP evaluation

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April 28, 2021

When you earn an academic or a professional degree, you may either wish to pursue further studies or proceed with your graduate jobs. Let’s imagine a scenario wherein you have kept your options open and you decide that your next stop is going to be somewhere abroad, say Canada or the US, regardless of whether you study or work there. Now, the first criteria for getting into a study abroad university or getting a job would be to check your academic degree and achievements to assess your capability. But how would a Canadian/US university or a firm recognize the credentials of a foreign student? That is where credential evaluators come into the scene. In short, it is a practice where your degree is being recognized abroad via the WES/EP evaluation process. I’m guessing your next question would be: What is WES/EP evaluation? In this article below, we have covered all the details that you need to know about WES/EP credential evaluation.

The Importance Of Credential Evaluation Services For Students

A credential evaluation compares your academic degrees and achievements to standards in the US or Canada. It helps educational institutions, employers, licensing boards, and immigration authorities to understand your educational background. Why is it important? Let us all agree to the fact that education systems and academic documents vary greatly from country to country. No two academic systems are alike. Thus, the accuracy of your gained percentage is validated through this system which converts your marks and lines it in accordance with the US or Canada.

Which Agencies Provide Credential Evaluation Services?

There are 3 famous agencies that provide this service and they are:

  1. Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE)
  2. World Education Services (WES)
  3. Educational Perspectives (EP)

In this article, we will take a look at 2 of these famous agencies –  WES and EP.

WES/EP evaluation

The Big Question: What Is WES/EP Evaluation?

WES: World Education Services or WES is a social enterprise dedicated to helping international students, immigrants, and refugees to achieve their educational and career goals in the US or Canada. They have been evaluating credentials since their inception in 1947.

EP: Educational Perspectives or EP is a consulting organization that assists applicants in assessing their educational degree for a global recognition.

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How to apply for a WES/EP evaluation?

Step 1: Fill out an application on the official website and obtain a reference number.

Step 2: Submit the necessary documents along with the complete payment in the form of a DD in a sealed envelope, in the format listed on the WES website or the EP website.  WES does not consider documents sent by teachers, agents, or others. The WES/EP team then reads and verifies the papers as soon as they arrive. They go on to the assessment phase once they have completed the verification process. 

Step 3: Once the assessment is finished, WES/EP distributes the study to the organisations you have applied to.

The WES Evaluation Process Explained

Once you are done with submitting your WES application form, your degree and achievements will be analyzed and evaluated. On what basis?

  • Your country’s education system
  • Your previous university’s reputation
  • Your programme curriculum and course structure
  • Other university/firm’s specific requirements

Documents Required For WES/EP Evaluation

The list of documents vary largely based on your country of origin, the type of education and many more. However, be sure to include your degree certificates, your conditional offer letter, and do not forget to include your WES reference number. You can check the official website of WES/EP for further documents required. 

If you have a Master of Engineering, Master of Education, Master of Technology, or Master of Philosophy, you do not need to submit your undergraduate degree records. If your master’s degree does not fit within either of the sections mentioned above, you will need to submit your UG records.

Forms Of Evaluation Reports In A WES/EP Evaluation

You could either opt for a simple credential evaluation or a detailed assessment of your overall credentials. A simple evaluation would be an ordinary assessment which will provide an assessment of the degree as well as any other information gathered in connection with the education framework of the foreign nation. The institution where the applicant finished his schooling would be evaluated based on the university’s recognition, credential term, entry criteria, curriculum length, area of specialisation, date of graduation, and so on.

However, a detailed WES/EP evaluation provides detailed information about the candidate’s qualifications, rewards, course material, and so on. This is only required if the individual is seeking transfer credit or a graduate degree.

Cost Of WES/EP Evaluation

Based on the type of report and the type of your university specifications and requirements, your expenses can vary. The costs of your credential evaluation would be determined based on the 

  • Scope of study needed
  • The amount of classes
  • Processing time
  • Agency fees

For a simple evaluation report: It would cost you between $70 – $150.
For a detailed evaluation report: It would cost you between $150 – $350.

Things To Keep In Mind

While applying for WES/EP evaluation, you will be submitting your document papers for which you need to keep the following points in mind:

The papers must be dated and enclosed in an approved sealed envelope signed or stamped over the back flap by the college’s required authentication officer. If the envelope is opened, or if the stamp or signature across the back flap is absent, it can be refused right away. The college registrar must also sign the Academic Records Request document, which must be contained in the same locked packet as the transcripts.

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