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What Are The PhD Scholarships In Malaysia

PhD scholarships in Malaysia

Malaysia has witnessed rapid developments in recent years making it an attraction to students from all over the world. The country is a mix of cultures and ethnicities and boasts of a unique combination of ancient and modern architecture. Malaysia is the perfect place for international students who are looking forward to new experiences. Moreover, Malaysia is also home to the branch campuses of several international leading universities like Monash University of Australia and the University of Nottingham. International students pursuing their PhD opt for different scholarship programs to fund their expenses. There are a number of PhD scholarships in Malaysia offered to students around the world. There are many good reasons to pursue PhD in Malaysia, UniScholarz tells you why.

Why Malaysia? | PhD Scholarships In Malaysia

PhD Scholarships In Malaysia

Malaysia International Scholarships | PhD Scholarships In Malaysia

This scholarship is open to all international students with a record of academic excellence in their undergraduate degree as well as their graduate degree. In order to obtain this scholarship, students are required to submit their research proposal with respect to the Malaysian Government’s interests. This scholarship focuses on Sciences, Engineering and Communications Technology. It covers university fees, relocation to Malaysia fees and a monthly stipend to support the students living for a period of three years.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan | PhD Scholarships In Malaysia

Students from the Commonwealth countries are eligible to receive this scholarship. In order to avail this scholarship at the PhD level, it is mandatory for the students to have completed their masters’ degree and achieved a good academic record. Students must ensure that they justify their research proposals and submit it while applying for this scholarship. Since these are fully funded awards, they cover tuition fees, airfares as well as a monthly living allowance.

Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme Scholarship | PhD Scholarships In Malaysia

This scholarship scheme came into effect as an agreement between Malaysia and other countries and is available on a government to government basis. Students pursuing PhD in the fields of Science, Engineering, Health and Finance are usually the recipients of this scholarship. Recipients of this scholarship are expected to make significant contributions to their home country after the completion of their doctoral studies.

Bright Sparks Scholarship | PhD Scholarships In Malaysia

The University of Malaya offers Bright Sparks Scholarships to both Malaysian candidates and international students. This scholarship scheme provides for tuition fees and allows for a monthly stipend of MYR 3500. It is awarded to students purely based on academic merits or based on recommendations from the research centers.

Requirements For The Research Proposal | PhD Scholarships In Malaysia

It is a common practice for PhD students applying for scholarships in Malaysia to submit their research proposals during the application process. This research should include – 

Language Proficiency | PhD Scholarships In Malaysia

Most of the universities in Malaysia accepting international students conduct higher education in English. If English is not the native language of the students or the degrees procured by the students prior to their PhD were not taught in English, the students are required to take the IELTS or TOEFL as a proof of their language proficiency.

Teaching And Research Assistantships | PhD Scholarships In Malaysia

Alternatively, students can also fund for their expenses while studying PhD in Malaysia by working in their respective universities. This can be done in the form of taking up Teaching and Research Assistantships wherein the students can either assist their professors by tutoring students or can assist their professors with the research projects.

Malaysian Universities Offering PhD | PhD Scholarships In Malaysia

The following is a list of few of the Malaysian universities offering PhD to students and either awards scholarships or accepts other scholarship schemes.

  1. University of Malaya
  2. Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)
  3. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  4. Universiti Putra Malaysia
  5. Universiti Sains Malaysia

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