What Is Liberal Art Education?- A Complete Guide

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August 7, 2021

What is liberal art education? A liberal arts education offers students an opportunity to learn more about the various fields of humanities in-depth and expand their intellectual horizons and capacities. A degree in liberal arts education is very popular in today’s times and offers a lot of lucrative career opportunities. 

What is the purpose of a liberal arts education? A liberal arts education allows students to explore issues, ideas and solutions across all humanities subjects and develop the ability to read, write and think critically and broadly. These skills allow them to navigate and resolve complex societal and cultural issues. 

What is the value of a liberal arts education? An education in liberal arts teaches you not only how to resolve problems but also to decipher which are the most important issues that need redressal thus grooming you for future leadership roles in jobs. 

A wide range of subjects falls within the scope of this program as it is interdisciplinary including social, cultural, natural, and formal sciences like politics, art, history, cultural studies, etc. It is thus an interdisciplinary branch of studies. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Liberal Arts Education?

While you now know what is liberal art education, you might be wondering what is a liberal arts education good for? What is the value of a liberal arts education?

  • It prepares students for future job roles in a variety of areas. This is advantageous as other types of education train students for a specific vocation or job.  
  • A liberal arts degree is lucrative for employers-    Most employers and firms like to employ liberal arts students as they are adaptive in nature and can adjust well to different job roles and settings and have excellent verbal and written communication skills along with problem-solving abilities.   
  • Liberal arts degrees prove as an excellent basis or foundation for further education in various fields like law, business, health, etc. This makes them valuable as graduate schools often look for students with a strong foundation and knowledge for their courses who have an ability to learn and adapt quickly.    
  • It proves as a very useful value addition to society as it does more than produce successful graduates- it cultivates and gives rise to sensitive, resourceful and responsible citizens and community members who contribute to its overall well being. 

Job Roles |What Is Liberal Art Education?

What is a liberal arts education good for in terms of a career? If you are interested in knowing what jobs are available for liberal arts graduates, do check out the following list- 

  • Research-The interdisciplinary nature of a liberal arts education makes it possible for its graduates to become successful researchers in various fields. 
  • Art- This is a broad category under which students can take up a variety of job roles like photography, painting, fine art, interior design, graphic design, commercial and visual design, and more. This can be made possible by the various arts subjects taught in liberal arts education programs. 
  • Education: Liberal arts graduates can also work in the teaching field as professors, teachers, teaching assistants or take up other roles. 
  • Language expert- Because liberal arts students usually learn at least one foreign language, they can become qualified language experts like a  translator, transcriber or interpreter or even go on to become a journalist. 
  • Mass Media- Because a liberal arts education greatly enhances your people skills and covers various mass media subjects like advertising, public relations, communication, media, etc. graduates of this field can become successful mass media professionals. 
  • Political science- This is a career opportunity you can undertake if you are keen to contribute to the welfare of the society. The various job roles in this field include law, politics, business, social service and public policy, and government jobs. 
  • Other job roles- The other job roles in this field include biology jobs like healthcare, lab assistant, etc. business roles like entrepreneurship, sales, etc., event management, environmental conservation, law enforcement, psychology, and finance. 

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