Which Are The 2021 Australian Scholarships For Indian Students

Australian scholarships for Indian students

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March 19, 2021

William Clinton once said “Education is not a privilege, it is a right” and this could not be more apt. Imagine yourself studying in a top university, walking through the beautiful campus and interacting with new people, learning different languages, exploring the nearby cafes and restaurants, having your caffeine dose for the day while soaking in the scenic beauty around you. Ever fancied this kind of lifestyle? Australia is one such study abroad destination that promises its students not only with excellent education but also with a rich lifestyle. The Australian education system strongly believes in education as a right and not a privilege and doesn’t let go of opportunities in helping students in pursuit of their dreams. On that note, UniScholarz would like to bring to your notice, the latest Australian scholarships for Indian students.

What Is The Criteria For Applying To Australian Scholarships For Indian Students?

You can apply to scholarships only if you are eligible and fulfil the specifications. While being an Indian citizen is a mandate, there are several other requirements that you as an applicant must fit into in order to apply for them. A few of them include:

  • A good academic score 
  • Participation in extracurricular activities and community services
  • Leadership skills
  • English Language proficiency through standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE.

Kindly note that these are only the basic requirements for applying to Australian scholarships. Other requirements will be based on the university, the degree, the course, financial status and the kind of scholarship that you have applied for.

Types Of Australian Scholarships For Indian Students

Scholarships are awarded to Indian students pursuing their higher studies via two major sources:

  1. Government funded scholarships: The government of Australia ties up with different educational and funding organisations in order to promote studies in Australia. Most of the government-based scholarships are provided on merit. They usually cover the tuition fees and provide for other stipends and allowances depending upon the calibre, performance, portfolio and potential of the applicant.
  2. University funded scholarships: Australian universities have a high international population because of the massive support they provide to students in terms of scholarships, bursaries and other financial aids.

Government Funded Scholarships | Australian Scholarships For Indian Students

Australian scholarships for Indian students

Australian Awards Scholarships

The Australian government has taken an initiative to help students from the developing countries, particularly those from the Indo-Pacific region to undertake full time undergraduate or postgraduate studies in Australian universities and TAFE institutions. These merit-based Australian scholarships for Indian students are available in multiple disciplines except the fields of flying aircraft, nuclear technology or military training.

Scholarship Value: 
This scholarship is administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and covers full tuition fees, return air travel, establishment allowance, contribution to living expenses, Overseas Student Health Cover, Introductory Academic Program fees and Pre-course English fees.

Destination Australia Scholarships

The Government of Australia took up this initiative of providing scholarships to students by establishing the Destination Australia Scholarships. This is one of the most sought after Australian scholarships for Indian students and provides many benefits to them. There are about 1000 awards that are awarded to students every year under this program. The main intention behind this program is to attract as many students as possible to study in the regional locations of Australia.

Scholarship Value:
Every scholarship award under this program costs about $ 15,000 and supports the study and living expenses of the recipients.

Endeavour Awards

This is one of the merit-based Australian scholarships that is highly competitive and awards domestic citizens as well as citizens from the Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe and Americas to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia. 

Scholarship Value:
Successful applicants will be receiving a monthly stipend of 3,000 AUD in addition to travel allowances upto 3,000 AUD, establishment allowance of 2,000 AUD, health insurance and travel insurance.

Australian Government Research And Training Program 

There are many Australian scholarships for Indian students that solely support students wishing to study a masters’ research program or a PhD. Australian Government Research and Training Program is one such scholarship scheme that is funded by the Australian government and supports students wishing to pursue their doctoral studies from universities as well as TAFE institutions.

Scholarship Value:
This scholarship is valued at $ 28,092 per annum and covers full tuition fees as well as health insurance for up to three years.

University Funded Scholarships

Most Australian universities provide scholarships to Indian students in different levels of study i.e. undergraduate, postgraduate, as well as PhD levels. Here are some of the universities offering different kinds of Australian scholarships.

Australian Scholarships For Indian Students: University Of Sydney

Australian scholarships for Indian students

The University of Sydney is a very popular destination for Indian students because of the different UG level and PG level scholarships that it offers. The 2021 scholarships that are available at this university are:

International Course Merit Scholarship: Awarded at UG and PG levels with a 25% tuition fee waiver.
International High Achiever Scholarship: Awarded at UG and PG levels with a 20% tuition fee waiver.
UC/GBCA Scholarships: Awarded at UG and PG levels with a 15% off for tuition fees.

Australian Scholarships For Indian Students: University Of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is widely recognised to both science and technology students as well as arts and humanities students. The scholarships available at this university are:

Ashok Khurana University of Adelaide scholarship for Outstanding Indian Students: 
This scholarship is awarded to Indian students with an outstanding academic performance at both UG and PG levels with a 50% tuition fee reduction. An additional stipend of AUD 30,000 is provided towards living, airfare, and tuition.

University of Adelaide Covid-19 Offshore Study Fee Rebate:
This scholarship is for all the continuing as well as commencing students who cannot travel due to the border restrictions. It is eligible for a rebate of up to 20%.

Australian Scholarships For Indian Students: RMIT University

Future Leaders Scholarship: This is one of the latest 2021 scholarships offered by the RMIT university for Indian students who possess leadership qualities. It is awarded at both UG and PG levels with a 20% tuition fee waiver.

Australian Scholarships For Indian Students: Murdoch University

International Welcome Scholarship: Awarded to students at both UG and PG levels with a 40% tuition fee waiver.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog on Which Are The 2021 Australian Scholarships For Indian Students. If you are interested in knowing more about scholarships in Australia like the ones mentioned in this blog, check out the different scholarships available on UniScholarz and choose from a wide range of scholarships.

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Tips On How To Apply For Scholarships In Australia

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