Japan scholarship for Indian Students

Study abroad aspirants often ask themselves questions like, “What makes a perfect study abroad location?” Well, how about friendly people, a legendary and interesting culture, delicious food, and a world-class education system? The island country of Japan has all of this and much more! Japan is a breathtaking country that effortlessly combines timeless traditions and exciting technology, which put it at the top of many students’ wish lists! Here are some more reasons why you should seriously consider studying in Japan -

Excellent Education

Many Indian students prefer to pursue STEM and technology courses. With Japan being one of the most high-tech countries in the world, it’s not surprising that there are many world-class degree courses in STEM and technology. Japan is home to an esteemed education system, often ranking in the top 10 countries for quality of education. Even at an elementary and high school level, Japan is known for its commitment to education. There are also a number of Japanese Government scholarships for Indian students that can help subsidize the cost of studying in Japan. 

Plenty Of Job Opportunities 

Japan has a booming economy, which means that job opportunities are always on the rise. While English speakers have many job opportunities to choose from, taking the time to learn Japanese, will help you even more. Bilingual English and Japanese speakers are in huge demand in Japan, a country that is home to a number of global brands.

A Safe And Clean Country

In Japan, residents take tremendous pleasure in keeping their public areas clean, and it shows! On the streets of Japan, trash and graffiti are uncommon. Cleanliness is only one of the many reasons to study abroad in Japan if you're a bit of a neat freak! Moreover, Japan also has an exceptionally low crime rate. So, as a student living alone in a whole new country, you don’t have to worry about your safety too much.

Eat Amazing Food

I’d be remiss of us to not mention the delectable Japanese food you can find here. You must have tried savory goodies of Japan like sushi and ramen, but there are so many other foods to broaden your palate. You will have the opportunity to try all sorts of tasty tofu, seafood, and fermented veggies. Fried street foods like takoyaki will make your mouth water. Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) is a fun, communal experience for you and your study abroad friends. 

So what are you waiting for? With your handy list of reasons to study in Japan, it’s time to pack your bags and get going! If you still have some skepticism about studying in Japan, maybe these details on the best Japanese scholarships for Indian students will convince you to move to Japan for higher education.

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The best scholarships for Indian students planning to study in Japan -

Japanese Government (Mext) Scholarships

The Japanese Government offers scholarships to students who wish to pursue higher education in the country. These scholarship programs are meant for excellent human resources from foreign countries, including India, to Japan, as international students, to promote mutual understanding with foreign countries and to form human networks. These Japanese Government scholarships for Indian students also strengthen the educational and research abilities of Japanese universities.

Japanese Government Scholarships - Research Students for 2022

This scholarship is meant for research studies in Japan. Therefore, this is a graduate school level study in Japan scholarship for Indian students. Any international student under the age of 35 years is eligible to apply for the Japanese Government Scholarships - Research Students for 2022. For Research Student / Master’s course / Doctoral course (first phase), Bachelor’s Degree in the relevant field with minimum 65% marks is a must. The candidates should obtain their mark sheet and degree on or before 30th September 2022 for the October 2022 batch.

Japanese Government Scholarships - Undergraduate Students (UG) 2022

This is one of the most amazing Japanese Government awards for Indian students in Japan. Candidates need to be born on or after 2 April, 1997 in order to be considered for this scholarship. As the name suggests, this scholarship is open only to undergraduate students who wish to study in Japan. A minimum of 65% marks in 12th grade is required by all candidates. The winners of the scholarship are entitled to an allowance of 117,000 yen (Approx. Rs.82,978) per month.

Japanese Government Scholarships - College of Technology (CT) for 2022

Every year, the Japanese Government Scholarships - College of Technology (CT) for 2022 awards up to 15 scholarships. Only students pursuing degrees in fields like Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information, Communication and Network Engineering, Materials Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Maritime Engineering are allowed to apply. In addition to achieving a minimum of 65% marks in 12th grade, candidates who are proficient in Japanese will be preferred for this scholarship. 

Young Leaders' Program 

The Young Leaders' Program is a Master’s scholarship program. Students pursuing degrees in the fields of School of Government, School of Local Government, Business Administration or Law are eligible to apply. Winners of the Young Leaders' Program will be entitled to 242,000 Yen/month. This is one of the best Japanese Government scholarships for Indian students.

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