Nursing Scholarships to Study in Denmark

If you are seeking to pursue your higher education abroad, you must consider studying in Europe. Amongst other really developed countries, Denmark attracts ex-pats in huge numbers owing to its vast spread of well-developed universities. Its reputation as the world's happiest place is well deserved, and students from around the globe are welcome and accepted in Denmark.

Denmark has the highest rate of international student exchange. Danish universities have open policies for international students, and most of them offer lucrative scholarships, grants, and financial aid to students, to help them fund their education. The country is well known for its high quality of tertiary education and offers degree programs in Civil Design, Medicine and Nursing, Business Administration, Environmental Studies, and Engineering among other subjects. 

Universities in Denmark are known for a thriving learning environment and excellent student experience. Denmark has high-end facilities for research, which encourage researchers to head towards innovative discovery without any obstruction. Moreover, Nursing scholarships to study in Denmark have attracted many students from around the world to take advantage of the country’s teaching and learning style that is rooted in problem-based learning methods and encourage students to find their own solutions and become innovative thinkers.

Students studying in Denmark engage in lectures apart from other modes of learning such as active group discussion to follow a participative learning model. For professional courses such as Nursing and MBA, lectures, discussions, and participation in teaching are accompanied by case studies, practical training, completion of challenge-focused project work, and research reports. Teachers and students at all levels are free to deploy methods and materials that complement the course curriculums. 

The cost of studying at Danish universities is different for international students and students who belong to the EU. Nursing scholarships in Denmark have made it easier for students who belong to different parts of the world to study and learn and practice this subject in Denmark. As compared to other parts of Europe, the cost of living in Denmark is much lower and highly affordable. Although Denmark's no tuition fee policy is very attractive to EU students, living costs are generally higher than most places and well above the European average. 

To be able to meet the living costs of the country, you will have to carefully budget your monthly expenses. A rough estimate of your overall monthly living costs in Denmark would amount to 750 – 900 EUR. Living in Copenhagen is more expensive than living in the smaller cities, and may go as high up as 1200 EUR/month. You may be able to keep your costs lower at around 650 EUR/month if you plan to live in a smaller town and in private accommodation. 

The average cost of studying in Denmark for an Indian student ranges between ₹755,300 and ₹1,215,500 depending on the city they choose to live and study in. For example, studying in cities such as Copenhagen and Soro will be more expensive than studying in Odense or Horsens. The tuition fees will also depend on the subject you choose to study. The cost of studying medicine or MBA is usually more than the cost of studying subjects like Finance and Law in Denmark. Nursing scholarships to study in Denmark has as a result made it easier for students to bear the costs of studying and living in this country.

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Scholarships and Nursing Funding for International Students in Denmark

Education Future International Scholarship 2021 

This scholarship has been created by scholars worldwide and is available to all students from all countries except India. The scholarship targets students who wish to pursue Bachelor’s and Master’s in the fields of Nursing, Engineering, Politics, Data Science, among other degree subjects. Only those students are eligible for this scholarship, who have a minimum score of 60% in their 11th and 12th levels of education. Applicants should reflect that they lack means of self-funding their education abroad. However, irrespective of being granted this scholarship, the applicant should be able to fund themselves at least 50% through an education loan.

Berows International Scholarship Program Test 2021 

Berows International Scholarship Program Test (BISPT) is a scholarship program that provides financial assistance to meritorious students from all over the world. This is one of Denmark’s fully-funded Nursing Scholarships. The BISPT scholarship program’s objective is to motivate students from around the world by offering this award and turning them into independent professionals. This program aims to solve a student’s financial problems so students can progress in life without taking any loan for their education. This scholarship is available to students from all around the world who want to pursue their tertiary education at any level. 

UCL Denmark Fully Funded Nursing Scholarships 

This scholarship is offered to international students who aspire to study nursing at the University College Lillebælt. The scholarship is also available to students who want to take up short courses at the university. International candidates can only apply for the scholarship to study at the Department of Nursing. At the Department of Nursing, you combine the English module with one of the following: Nursing, Ethics, and Research-Based Knowledge (15 ECTS) with a clinical placement (15 ECTS) at a Danish healthcare facility for a total duration of 4 months. 

Denmark - America Foundation & Fulbright 

Denmark-America Foundation And Fulbright Commission Grants is a partial funding international nursing scholarship to study in Denmark, a grant offered by the Denmark-America Foundation And Fulbright Commission for international students. Only Master’s and PhD students are eligible for this scholarship and are available for all degree subjects. The deadline to send applications for Denmark-America Foundation And Fulbright Commission Grants is usually in March every year. This scholarship can be taken at Any Danish or US university.

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