PhD Scholarships in Tourism & Hospitality to Study Abroad

In recent years and especially in the decade of 2010, the tourism and hospitality sector were noticed to be major contributors to the improvement of economies, especially of those who are developing nations.This has resulted in the generation of many jobs and creation of multiple income streams for many. 

The high-tide of globalisation has torn down geographical barriers and has become a facilitator of education abroad.  Tourism and management has proven to be the key factor in increasing income for national and local governments all across the globe. As a result, experts and professionals in these industries are in high-demand. 

Traveling can be seen as an indispensable hobby for many while for others it is a method of earning an additional source of income. The travel and tourism industry is ever growing and dynamic and will give you ample opportunity to travel internationally or locally. In the year 2018, the global travel and tourism industry generated 319 million jobs in the world economy, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTC). 

International Tourism & Hospitality to study abroad will enable you to become a part of growing economies. This will influence your career and will provide you a platform to work in close proximity with global affairs and international relations. The proof of the international tourism industry’s expansion lies in the fact that today there are several categories under tourism – eco-tourism, medical tourism, agro-tourism, adventure tourism, etc.

Countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Spain, Australia, Switzerland and other scandinavian countries have encouraged students from across the globe to pursue their postdoctoral studies in the field of tourism and hospitality. There are many PhD scholarships in tourism & hospitality to study abroad. 
PhD scholarships in tourism & hospitality to study abroad may be fully-funded or partially funded. Either way, these awards are in high demand because the average cost of studying tourism and management for international students may range from Rs.18 Lakh  and Rs. 42 Lakh. There are several scholarships offered by private and public universities such as James Cook University, University of Toronto, Queen Margaret University, Hotel School Vatel, University of Surrey just to name a few that offer PhD scholarships in tourism & hospitality to study abroad.

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The top countries to study PhD in tourism and hospitality are the USA, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Dubai, Spain, Hong Kong, New Zealand, France, Australia, the UK and Canada. Moreover, students who have studied this subject from the above mentioned countries have had good job prospects after completing their PhD in tourism and hospitality. The most in-demand job roles for tourism, hospitality management students are: tourism officer, tour manager, international executives, holiday representative, tourism officer, travel blogger and more. 

To help you find some affordable  tourism and hospitality courses abroad, here is a list of PhD scholarships in tourism & hospitality to study abroad. 

Yarramundi MRes Scholarship 2021

Offered by Western Sydney University, the Yarramundi awards are granted to PhD students who want to study any field offered by the university. This includes PhD in tourism and hospitality. To be eligible for this scholarship, you should be able to meet the entry requirements of the university. This means that you need to submit your offer letter of the university to the scholarship committee when you apply for this scholarship. 

This is a merit based scholarship and you need to score at least 70% or equivalent in your previous years of study to be eligible for this scholarship. This is one of the top partially-funded PhD scholarships in tourism & hospitality to study abroad and will cover up to 40,000 AUD worth tuition fees. The scholarship is open to students from all nationals. 

University of Newcastle - University And Commonwealth Government Scholarships in UK

Provided by the University of Newcastle the PhD scholarships in tourism & hospitality to study abroad is a highly prestigious award that is merit based and fully-funded. This scholarship is offered to students who aspire to study Masters or PhD in tourism and hospitality from the University of Newcastle. 

To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to possess an undergraduate degree and a letter of acceptance from the University of Newcastle. Students applying for this scholarship should be highly meritorious and hold a 1st class honours degree or equivalent before applying. Moreover, you should also meet the university’s English language requirement which is a 6.5 in IELTS. 

International Graduate Student Fellowship 

Offered by York University, Canada, this is a partially funded scholarship for students from all over the world who aspire to study any subject at York University. This also includes PhD in tourism and management. The award amount is valued at $5500 and is only available for PhD courses. This is one of the most easily attainable PhD scholarships in tourism & management to study abroad. Applicants for International Graduate Student Fellowship 2021 must have an offer letter for a PhD programme at York University, Canada to avail this scholarship. Moreover, you must have an education background in the related field to avail International Graduate Student Fellowship 2021.

ASEAN Tourism scholarship 2021 

This scholarship is offered by Taylor’s University to international students who want to pursue their Masters or PhD at Taylor’s University. The value of this scholarship is 100% waiver of tuition fee and partial funding of living expenses. Taylor’s University initiated ASEAN Tourism Scholarship 2021 to support students from ASEAN  countries involved in master's and postgraduate research programmes financially, so they can become effective researchers that contribute to the needs of the community. 
This is one of the most generous merit based PhD scholarships in tourism & hospitality to study abroad and require you to have a GPA of 3 or above before applying for this scholarship.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do with a PhD in hospitality?

PhD students also benefit from the flexibility of specializing in 14 areas of the hotel industry, including Employment Relations, Real Estate, and Services Marketing. All graduate students in Hotel Administration complete at least 800 hours of work in the hospitality field through summer jobs or part-time work.

Can we do PhD in tourism?

Tourism Management or Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism Management is Doctorate Travel and Tourism Management course. The duration of the programme is 3 to 5 years.Tourism Management course, they have many career options both educational and non-educational in different fields.

How long does it take to get a PHD in Hospitality Management?

The Ph. D. in Hospitality Management is based on a four-year period of residential study following the completion of a master's degree with an undergraduate or graduate degree in hospitality and tourism management.

How many years study for tourism?

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management is a four-year degree program related to the fields of hospitality and tourism education.