PAIS Departmental Scholarship 2021, University of Warwick
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Scholarship Overview

The University of Warwick under the PAIS Departmental Scholarship 2021 is giving eight scholarships to students commencing MA study in Autumn 2021. The award will automatically be deducted from the winners' tuition fees. The selected student will receive an award of GBP 10,000.

Important Dates

Application deadline: 22nd April 2021

Selection Criteria

The candidates will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Outstanding academic performance (70%)
  • Outstanding case for support (30%)

Note: This is not a need-based scholarship, so the financial situation will not be taken into account.


A total of 4 overseas candidates will be selected for the award who will receive a scholarship of GBP 10,000 towards tuition fees.


To be eligible, an applicant must:

  • Be interested in pursuing PAIS taught MA programmes, including the Double Degrees
  • Apply to the university and have paid their application fee no later than 15 April 2021.
  • Have submitted an application to the MA programme before submitting the scholarship application
  • Include all documentation for the university application, including the candidate's reference (must be received no later than 22 April 2021)
  • Have obtained an offer from the university before taking up the award

Note: Candidates can apply concurrently to other funding sources; however, successful candidates who receive major tuition funding elsewhere will be disqualified.

How To Apply

Follow the steps below to apply for the scholarship:
Step 1: Click on the 'Apply Now' button and read all details.
Step 2: Candidates have to apply for the MA program in the department before applying for the scholarship.
Step 3: Provide information on personal details, funding sources, qualifications etc.
Step 4: Provide information on case support.
Step 5: Submit the application form by email to no later than 22 April 2021.