Psychology scholarships for International Students

Psychology degrees focus on the study of people - their behaviour, thoughts, activities, relationships, and reactions. Human development, sports, health, clinical, social behaviour, and cognitive processes are all parts of this multidisciplinary field. Universities all over the world provide diploma, bachelor's degree, postgraduate, and certificate programmes along with scholarships for Psychology majors. A bachelor's degree in psychology (B.Sc in Psychology) is more than sufficient for individuals who wish to start working right away. There is also an option for individuals who desire to further their education in psychology.

While most of the psychology degrees are based in natural and biological sciences, the field also provides opportunities to study social sciences and humanities such as criminology and philosophy. As a result, the field is likely to appeal to students from a variety of academic backgrounds, and prospective psychology careers are as diverse, comprising roles in the sciences, arts, and humanities. The course title and/or degree type will most likely reflect the focus of your degree - either a BSc (Bachelor of Science) or a BA (Bachelor of Arts) (Bachelor of Arts).

The admissions criteria for psychology degrees differ from one institution to another. Although many reputable universities do not require specific qualifications, you will need a solid academic record (particularly in science and mathematics) as well as aptitude in both scientific and non-scientific disciplines. Students with a diverse set of skills in both the sciences and the humanities will be given a preference if they wish to apply for the best psychology scholarships.

Some of the top universities offering excellent degrees in the field of psychology would include Stanford University, the University of California, Berkeley’s College, and King’s College London. The top psychology scholarships are available from a variety of sources including universities, the Government, and external organizations. The most common will be scholarships awarded through the psychology department at your college. 

Awards are available for graduate research and undergraduate students from a variety of organizations. Students may also find success applying for more general scholarships for Psychology majors in the areas of science, health and social services. In addition, psychology students are also good candidates for a variety of other scholarship awards, such as essay scholarships and community service scholarships.
Psychology scholarships help pay for the costs of earning a degree in the field. A variety of organizations and schools award psychology scholarships around the world based on financial need, merit, diversity, and other criteria. Depending on each scholarship’s rules, students may use the award to pay for tuition and fees, textbooks, housing, and cost of living.

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Here’s a list of the scholarships for Psychology majors available for students from all over the world - 

Psychology Undergraduate Research Excellence (PURE) Scholarships

The purpose of these awards is for outstanding undergraduates to receive additional research training with the goal of increasing their competitiveness in funding competitions. The University of Manitoba awards a limited number of $6,000 PURE scholarships for Psychology majors to undergraduate students in their 3rd or 4th year of Psychology Honours at the University.

Mortensen Scholarships

Mortensen Scholarships are awarded to psychology undergraduate students. Students may receive these awards in addition to any other College of Liberal Arts award only if their financial need has been demonstrated. Each year, the University of Minnesota’s psychology department offers several academic scholarships for psychology students and one study abroad scholarship, each in the amount of $1,000, are awarded to support their education and academic enhancement within the discipline. This academic scholarship is intended for psychology undergraduate majors to apply toward the cost of tuition, fees, and books.

University of Bristol - International Hardship Fund 

The scholarships for Psychology majors offered by the University of Bristol are open to students from all nationalities. University of Bristol - International Hardship Fund is offered for Bachelors, Masters degree in the field of subjects offered by the University which primarily includes the fields of psychology and social sciences. Only students from the EU or international students can apply for this award. With this scholarship, you can expect partial funding of your tuition fees and the award amount will depend on the quality of your application. 

ANU Chancellor’s International Scholarship

The Chancellor's International Scholarship offers an opportunity to access one of the multiple scholarships for Psychology majors available to undergraduate and postgraduate students. The scholarship is designed to attract a diverse range of high calibre international students to study at ANU’s School of Health and Science.  The scholarship will award a tuition fee reduction of 25% to 50% for eligible students. The tuition fee reduction is applied to three years of study for undergraduate recipients and up to two years of study for postgraduate recipients.

Dean’s Scholarships for International Students, 2021

The King’s College London, which has a wide reputation for its psychology department offers scholarships for international students. The Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience is awarding 12 new MSc scholarships for students applying for the 2021 entry. The awards are open to UK/EU and International applicants. These psychology scholarships stand at a value of £1,000 and £5,000 each. 

Surrey International MSc International Funding For Psychology

This award is given by the department of psychology, the University of Surrey to students who want to complete their master’s degree programme in psychology. These scholarships for Psychology majors award £5000 to successful applicants to assist in their cost of study and living. The award will be granted at the University of Surrey during the time of application. The application is open for international students, provided they’re willing to take up a full-time psychology course at the University. 

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