Scholarships To Study in Egypt

Egypt has gained popularity as a study abroad destination for many international students recently. The country currently accommodates 2 million students in its public universities and approximately 600,000 students in its private educational institutions according to QS Top Universities. There are about 20 universities in Egypt that rank among the top 50 in the QS Arab Region University Rankings and this has paved the way for many international students to gain high-quality education from the country. Some of the most popular universities in Egypt include the American University in Cairo which is ranked 411th in the world rankings and 11th in the Arab region, Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Mansoura University and Alexandria University. 

Scholarships to study in Egypt are abundantly available for international students that may apply for a position in any of the higher education institutions with a scholarship in the country based on their merit or financial need. Many Egyptian universities are listed every year among prominent international institutions. In Egypt, higher education institutions are competitive and offer a good academic atmosphere, several English classes and all the foreign students' facilities. The Egyptian educational system focuses a lot on the well-being and life of the student outside the institution. There are a number of clubs and extracurricular events, counselling, career guidance and foreign student excursions and activities accessible to them. Most universities in Egypt promote an interdisciplinary atmosphere and sometimes invite students from other colleges and programmes to learn how and how to study.

The cost of studying and living in this country is also highly affordable as compared to countries such as the USA, the UK and Australia. Students can expect a monthly expense between $400 and $500, however, this still depends on their lifestyle and spending habits. The tuition fees to study in a public university in Egypt at an undergraduate level ranges between $1,400 and $1,600, whereas the cost of pursuing a postgraduate degree in this country starts from $1,800 and may go up to $8,000 or above. This is why most international students prefer to apply for study abroad scholarships in Egypt in order to cover their tuition fees and other expenses. 

Egyptian universities offer high-quality education to international as well as domestic students. Higher education institutions in Egypt are competitive, offering an excellent academic environment, plenty of English-taught courses, and all the resources international students need. Beyond the classrooms, students may want to explore the beautiful culture of the country, its picturesque monuments and some of the most iconic attractions such as the Sphinx, the Great Pyramids and the Abu Simbel Temples to name a few. 

Students interested in Egypt have possibilities for Egypt scholarships ranging from sponsored programmes to private universities and universities. Although some of these programmes are very challenging since the subject of the study is country-specific, they generously give importance to part-time as well as full-time courses equally. As a result, you will find scholarships to study in Egypt that will cover your tuition fees fully or even partially. Nearly all private universities in Egypt accept students studying with a scholarship in Egypt or themselves offer financial aid to international students for the same.

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Let us look at some scholarships in Egypt for international students. 

Study Abroad in Egypt Scholarships

Simpson Scholarships in Egyptology

Every student interested in pursuing Egyptian studies should know about the renowned Egyptological Simpson scholarships, which include culture and country history studies from ancient times to today. This extremely selected grant is perfect for all students interested in Egypt, with its hundreds of unique and interesting history. These Simpsons are supported by the American University in Cairo and are suitable for students studying in Egypt at most US institutions and universities. The awards are extremely competitive, and both academic achievement and financial needs are chosen by students. Awards are $2,500 per semester and up to $5,000 for a single year.

David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarships 

This is an undergraduate scholarship for students who wish to study in an international programme of vital demands, such as Egypt and the Middle East. Eligible pupils must participate in a curriculum that will enable them to acquire not only the official, Arabic language but the vernacular or colloquial or common language that is inherent in each language system. Students also need to be able to get to know the culture and standards of the nation. Applicants must have immaculate academic records and financing requirements. This makes it one of the most generous Egypt scholarships that are both merit and need-based. 

IDB Scholarship Programme For Muslim Communities In Non-Member Countries

The BS Program of Bachelors is given in the fields of Medicine, Engineering and Agriculture for Muslim Communities In Non-Member Countries (SPMC). The time limit to submit a request can range between June and December. This award is made available by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and its value is partial funding, which covers all the corresponding expenditures. This Egyptian scholarship is available to students who are not more than 24 years old and have excellent academic records, especially in the field of science. 

Herman E. Eilts International Scholarship

Students who are enrolled on a Herman E. Eilts international bursary at the American University in the study abroad programme of Cairo are eligible for this award. An essay replying to the question "How do my American University experiences affect my aspirations for my future careers in Cairo and extend my understanding of Arab culture" is required to be submitted which should not exceed 1500 words in order to apply for this scholarship. The bursary is intended for students of the Americas that wish to study Middle Eastern or Arabic for up to one year at the University. A minimum of GPA 3.5 should be maintained by students receiving the bond.

The Middle East and Islamic Studies Scholarship

The School of International Training (SIT) is a major international study institution that grants an annual prize of $750,000. Students studying in Egypt are eligible to be considered. Academic qualities and a documented financial necessity are the foundation of selections. Depending on the budget, the number of students granted and the financial necessity of every application, SIT scholarship grants can amount to up to $5,000.

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