Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Ranking

SIT is hailed for its many contributions to the world of research in several avenues. Its many partnerships and alliances are a testament to its quality of postgraduate and research programmes. As per the rankings conducted by Scimago Institutions Rankings in 2022, the institute is found in the 49th overall percentile, 89th research percentile, 17th innovation percentile and 78th societal percentile. Its overall rank worldwide is 650 and its research rank is 459th place.  The university is ranked 42nd in the Asiatic Region and 90th in Singapore. Some of the course-wise Singapore Institute of Technology rankings conducted by Scimago in 2022 are listed as follows.


  • 10th in Singapore and 565th in the world - Computer Science
  • 6th in Singapore and 374th in the world - Energy
  • 12th in Singapore and 556th in the world - Engineering
  • 8th in Singapore and 677th in the world - Mathematics
  • 8th in Singapore and 851th in the world - Social Sciences
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