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Explore from a range of thousands of scholarships that you won't find anywhere else!
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Our UniAcco Fly High is a scholarship program to honor and reward students who are studying in the United Kingdom or will begin their studies. The purpose of instituting this scholarship is to encourage dedicated and enthusiastic students to accomplish their objectives by alleviating the financial burden of studying abroad.

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We are a dedicated scholarship portal that can greatly lower your financial burden of studying abroad. With over 1,000+ scholarships for you to choose from, we strive to help students at every stage of their study abroad journey.


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I'm a first-year Civil and Environmental Engineering student at Imperial College London. I was awarded the £750 All-Rounder Scholarship by UniAcco. The achievements which made me a suitable candidate for the all-rounder scholarship were divided into three categories, academics...

Kuldeep Dungarwal
Imperial College London

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