A Surge In Demand For The Toughest Courses In The World!

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July 23, 2021

Subjects such as Engineering, Rocket Science, International Laws are perceived to be some of the toughest courses in the world. These courses demand a certain aptitude and skill-set from the person learning them. 

Even though there is a huge market of competition amongst the students for the most profitable degree courses, it at times requires a year or more to get selected for these tough courses. This is because the eligibility and entry requirements for such courses are also tough. In some cases, the cut-off for a certain course would require hard work and preparation from the student. 

If you are motivated in life and want to enjoy the perks of learning some of the most difficult courses in the world, you must keep in mind that these courses would require extra effort from you or you may take advantage of your natural inclination towards the subject. For example, studying quantum physics would seem like a cake-walk if you are good at mathematics and also are thoroughly interested in the subject. The same cannot be said about a person who wants to become a Quantum Physics researcher but is not very good at mathematics or is interested in learning the subject. 

Before we introduce you to the toughest courses in the world, let us first look at the perks of taking up these subjects. Why do students prefer studying these subjects? What are the benefits of taking up the most difficult subjects in the world? Let us find out. 

Why Should You Study Toughest Courses In The World

There is no doubt that the toughest courses are also more costly than the most common degree subjects in the fields of science, arts, and commerce. You can apply for a scholarship to meet the tuition fees for these degree courses. 

High Paying Jobs 

It goes without saying that students who are able to master some of the most difficult subjects in the world are able to lead luxurious lives. This is because their specialisation sets them apart from the crowd. Since they can learn the subjects that a majority of people are unable to understand, the demand for such students is always high. This results in high-paying jobs and unique job profiles. 

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Toughest Courses In The World

Crack The Toughest To Crack the Rest! 

If you can prepare yourself for the toughest courses in the world, you can easily learn other subjects that are not very difficult. For example, someone who is preparing for Astronautics would find the mathematics associated with Statistics easy. 

Learning Important Life Skills 

Mental skills such as learning to cope with failure and working hard towards your dreams are the upside of studying some of the toughest courses in the world. If you really want to challenge yourself, you must consider capitalising on your potential and making the most of your aptitude and attitude. 

Which Are The Most Difficult Courses In The World


Engineering is a stream of education that involves the application and study of Science, Technology, and arithmetics, designing and creating machines, applications, and software, hardware, systems & processes. This field offers a variety of career opportunities across all industries which are highly lucrative. This subject is usually taken up after high school studies in the form of mechanics, electronics, and IT.

Chartered Accountancy 

CA is a very high-paying professional course. An individual who wants to pursue CA has to mandatorily earn a certified degree from a statutory body to imply that he/she is officially qualified enough to take care of matters related to taxation and accounting of an individual, private or non-private business organizations or the government. To become a certified Chartered Accountant an individual requires to complete the three levels of training designed by ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountant of India). The work of CA is to audit financial statements; file tax returns; maintain records of investments; preparing and reviewing financial reports and documents. This is what makes it one of the toughest courses in the world. 


The demand for the subject of pharmacy has increased, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. What makes the toughest professional course in the world is the research that goes into bringing out innovation in the field of medicine, drugs, and chemistry. Pharmacy courses are usually expensive. This is why there are several pharmacy scholarships for international students


Medicine has always made it to the list of the toughest courses in the world. It is a science that involves living organisms such as humans and animals. The ultimate goal of a medical professional is to become a doctor who is able to prevent diseases and formulate cures and treatments through medicine. The cost of MBBS in the UK and USA is usually exorbitant. However, the UK and the USA are the leading countries that offer medical degree courses and scholarships for the same. 


The reason why Law is the toughest professional course in the world is that the law and order of every country are different. Unlike subjects such as mathematics, physics, and literature which are universal, the law varies from country to country. You will find many guides to pursue and obtain a scholarship to study Law. This is because studying this subject is an investment with a massive starting capital. However, once you become a law professional, the perks you receive are innumerable. Not only will you earn the respect of your peers but even the government authorities will look up to you. 


This profession revolves around planning structures, territories, city networks, and other developments and conditions, normally concerning infrastructure. Architecture is often deemed as an alternative to Engineering. The subject regularly incorporates plan or choice of goods and enrichments, oversight of development work, assessment, reclamation, or renovating existing structures. The profession demands a lot of energy and is an amalgamation of business and sciences. You can study Architecture globally with scholarships

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