Australian Work Permits And Visas: The Detailed Guide

Australian work permits and visas

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April 23, 2021

You won’t see yourself working after 5pm in Australia. That’s how particular most Australian offices are regarding their work timings. Mind you, this is only one benefit of working in Australia. There are many more advantages of working in Australia in terms of pension benefits, holidays and paid leaves, high average salaries, and social security benefits.  You must have graduated from Australia, or from your home country by now. If you’re looking for work options in Australia, there’s a small process you need to follow just like you did for getting a student visa in Australia. In this article, you will be reading about how to apply and get Australian work permits and visas, what is the eligibility, and what are the fees included.

Is It Worth It To Work In Australia?

Before getting started with the necessary requirements for Australian work permits and visas, you might wonder if working in Australia is really worth it or not. Let me help you with this with respect to the chart below.

Australian work permits and visas

Source: Y Axis

As you can see in the above chart, the job outlook of Australia from 2017 to 2022 is huge with the number of employment opportunities increasing in various sectors. Whether you wish to get into the health sector, or in the public administration sector, your scope of getting a job is huge. So the next time you wish to know if getting Australian work permits and visas is worth it or not, read this chart and see what sector suits you best, and plan accordingly.

What Are The Requirements Of Australian Work Permits?

There are different types of Australian work permits which are granted based on certain criteria. A skillselect has been designed to assess the skills of applicants under a point-based system so that immigrants with the right skills can be selected. You can get a work visa in Australia only if you fulfill the requirements and gain the necessary points and they include:

  • Age: Consider yourself lucky if you fall under the age bracket of 25 and 32 because you will score the most points while those above 45 do not gain any points.
  • English language proficiency: If you perform well in your IELTS and score 8 bands or more, you get 20 points.
  • Skilled employment: If your experience in an occupation is listed in the Skilled Occupations List, you will get points based on the years of experience. Keep in mind that 20 is the maximum points you can gain under skilled employment for getting Australian work permits and visas.
  • Educational qualification: If your qualification is related to your nominated occupation, you gain points. Again, 20 points is the maximum you can score if you have a doctorate while a bachelor’s or master’s degree will give you 15 points.
  • Australian qualifications: You can get five points if you have an Australian qualification from an Australian educational institute.
  • Regional study: An additional 5 points to you if you have lived and studied in regional Australia. Australian immigrations and work visas give you more points if you’ve had an additional professional experience in the previous year.
  • Community language skills: You will gain another 5 points if you have translator/ interpreter level skills in one of the country’s communities languages.
  • Spouse/partner skills and qualifications: If you have included your partner in the application and he/she is not an Australian resident or a citizen, then their skills are eligible to be counted towards your total points in getting Australian work permits and visas. You will gain an additional five points if your partner must meet the basic requirements of the Australian General Skilled Migration.
  • Employer Nomination Scheme: Under this scheme, a permanent work visa is given to workers sponsored by their companies. 

Visas To Work In Australia – Immigration And Citizenship

Australian work permits and visas

Skilled Migration Visa

You can be eligible for this visa if you have the necessary skills and qualifications for specific occupations that are listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). These Australian work permits and visas do not require the sponsorship of an employer. A few basic requirements however, include: You should be below 50 years of age, you should have sufficient knowledge of English, a required qualification, a nominated occupation, relevant skills, health status, and character requirement.

TSS Visa (Temporary Skill Shortage)

Under this visa, you can work between two to four years depending on the employee’s requirement. You are eligible however, only if you have a minimum of two years’ work experience and are below 45 years. Companies taking employees on this visa will have to adhere to the guidelines and will pay you the market salary.

Application Fee: Visa Application fee for Temporary Skills Shortage visa (subclass 482 Short Term Stream) is AUD1,265 & for Medium -Term & Labour Agreement Stream – AUD2,645, same fee will be applicable for any additional applicant above 18 years and extra cost will be there for any additional applicant below 18 years

Australian Business And Investment Visas

If you’re interested in getting into business and investment, then Australian Business and Investment visas are perfect for you. These Australian work permits and visas are split into 4 categories, each catering to a different category of businessperson or investor, each of which can lead to legal permanent residence in Australia. The 4 streams include:

  • Business Innovation Stream
  • Investor Stream
  • Significant Investor Stream
  • Premium Investor Stream

Common FAQs Asked By Students:

How can I apply for a work visa?

The following steps below will give you clarity on how to apply for Australian work permits and visas:

  • You first determine the type of work visa you are eligible for, based on the mentioned work permit requirements.
  • Make sure your employer completes an online sponsorship form before you apply for the visa.
  • Fill the online application form from your visa category.
  • Submit the required documents along with your visa application
  • Pay your application fee for processing your visa

What are the documents required for submitting the visa application?

While the documents may vary depending upon the type of work permit and visa, a few basic documents to carry along include:

  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Educational documents – transcripts, qualifications, etc.
  • Employment documents – Your company details, terms of employment, duration (contact your employer for assistance)
  • Health insurance

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog on Australian work permits and visas. If you are interested in knowing more about Australia, check out these blogs:

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