Best Scholarship Websites For The Year 2021 Are Finally Here

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May 7, 2021

If you’re someone who is planning to study abroad but does not have the financial means to fulfil this dream, let me tell you that you haven’t been looking at the right places. Funding your study abroad journey does not necessarily mean that you need to take an education loan or seek help from other financial institutions. Another way to fund your studies is by applying for scholarships. Scholarships are abundantly available throughout the world and this is why the best scholarship websites have combined all scholarships from around the world and have presented them to you in a single place. 

This article will suggest to you some of the highly recommended scholarship portals in the world. Adhere to this list and we assure you that you will soon match with a scholarship that meets your needs and highly resonates with you. 

6 Best scholarship Websites 

Here is a list of the top scholarship websites. 


UniScholarz is the sister website of UniAcco and UniCreds. While UniAcco helps students in their study abroad journey by assisting them with student accommodation, UniCreds is a portal where students can find ways to fund their abroad education. UniScholarz is undoubtedly one of the best scholarship websites to exist. Apart from listing more than 100,000 scholarships, the portal also offers its very own Fly High Scholarships. 

Another reason why UniScholarz makes it to the top of the list is that the portal has its own scholarship metric that will match you with the scholarships you are eligible for and have the highest chances of obtaining. UniScholarz, using its advanced technology to match students with scholarships, has helped tens of thousands of students choose the right funding option over the years. You may find scholarships from more than 100 countries and give you the option of choosing country-specific or college-specific funding. 

One of the most convenient ways to find a scholarship that suits you is by visiting The website works on the goal to help match with a scholarship out of a pool of 2.7 million scholarships listed on the website. As you explore this website, you will first have to enter your personal information such as date of birth, address and register your email address. Once this information is submitted, you will have to enter your qualifications, the marks you have scored in previous examinations, extracurricular activities etc. takes the information entered and matches you with all the scholarships you are eligible for.  It is one of the best scholarship websites because also offers student resources, helps you find private loan providers and search for a college that matches your profile. Listings of the website are updated regularly and consistently every few months to help with informing students of the latest scholarships that are available to them that may be of interest. is one the most well-organised and reader-friendly portal. The website will help you compare colleges, their costs, find suitable scholarships and check your chances of getting accepted into the college of your choice. does not limit itself to providing information about scholarships or funding, rather it exceeds the expectations of its users. The portal is one the best websites to find information on college rankings, reviews, application procedure, eligibility criteria, popular majors of the university and a lot more. The website combines personal reviews through experiences with scientific data, research, and analysis to create in-depth profiles and rankings to help you find jobs, schools, and places to live. 


CollegeNET, Inc. is a Portland, Oregon-based, privately held company that issues web-based in-demand technologies to colleges and universities and non-profit organizations. They aim to increase campus-wide efficiency with integrated systems and optimised academic scheduling and event management. CollegeNET is one of the best scholarship websites because it is way ahead of its time. The company’s website helps students to find the right funding option for their study abroad journey. While the technology CollegeNET provides is extremely important, especially in the ever-changing world of online education, the site also acts as a resource for college scholarships. In addition to providing an array of various scholarships to browse through and choose from, also has a live forum for students from all across the country to join in on and participate in daily. Through this, the company has been able to curate a community of students that lift each other by offering opinions, suggestions and personal experiences.  

College Board 

The official College Board was founded originally in 1900, making it one of the oldest educational-based organizations still in existence. Over the years, this platform has transformed into a massive database of scholarships worth more than $3 billion. Apart from finding scholarships to study in more than 100 countries, the portal is also dedicated to helping you prepare for entrance tests such as SAT, AP and PSAT. Students can learn tips from videos and webinars uploaded to the website on several topics such as preparing for exams, admission procedure and a lot more. The scholarships on the website are updated annually. Any edits and changes that need to be made to current scholarships are done every month to ensure students always have access to the updated scholarship information available. It is also possible to receive an entire book of various scholarships and opportunities available near you with the use of The College Board. 

Chegg Scholarships 

With Chegg, you may find scholarships in the top countries like the USA, Germany, Canada, Australia and more. The portal is dedicated only to help you find scholarships to study abroad and this is what makes it one of the best scholarship websites. The scholarship finder is the portal’s main feature where you can enter your GPA (or other equivalents) and will automatically match you to the best scholarships you are eligible for. Moreover, with this website, you can also find the colleges that match your profile and have the highest chances of getting accepted. 

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