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June 14, 2021

Leadership is one of the topmost desired qualities that universities look for in a student. Universities are often seeking strong leaders that they can nurture and convert into the next generation of decision-makers, thought leaders, and innovators. Leadership programs and a leadership scholarship are thus highly sought after. 

If you have taken on any leadership role like a captain in the school’s sports team, being the head of an organization or volunteering group and so on, you might be qualified to win a free scholarship for your college degree. Undertaking a leadership role is not an easy task as it requires tremendous people skills, humbleness, and knowledge on the leader’s part.

Taking on a scholarship for funding your college degree expenses is a smart move that will help you receive a more well-rounded education. Leadership skills gained in any bachelor’s or master’s degree will enable a student to develop the necessary managerial skills to apply in all professional settings, which is why leadership scholarships for student leaders are very important.

Here is a list of the best leadership scholarships around the world for students who are looking to become future leaders-

QS Leadership Scholarship

This is an exclusive international PG  leadership scholarship that is open to all students of the QS World Grad School tour. To win this scholarship the student needs to demonstrate strong leadership qualities. The program supports the cost of postgraduate programs excluding MBAs in all parts of the world. 

Asia Pacific Program Scholarship

Under this scheme, a variety of international scholarships are available for budding leaders who are located within the Asia Pacific region. The scholarships are available for such students to study at pre-selected institutions throughout the region. 

International Leadership Scholarship 

The Monash University in Australia offers UG and PG scholarships for students who display leadership potential to study at the university. 

Queer Leadership Scholarship

Monash University also offers a variety of merit scholarships to all LGBTQ students who are active in promoting awareness of gender and sexuality and inclusiveness for the community.

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German Chancellor Fellowship For Tomorrow’s Leaders

These scholarships are open to all international students from Brazil, India, Russia China, and the United States for studying in a German university. To avail of the scholarship, a student must have leadership experience as it is a necessary requirement. It is one of the best scholarships for young community leaders in these countries.

Global Leaders Scholarships

These are undergraduate leadership scholarships for student leaders that are available for all international students who wish to study any course at the University of London in the United Kingdom. 

Weidenfeld- Hoffman Scholarship And Leadership Program

The scholarships are available for the programs of international development, conservation, and environmental management for graduate students at Oxford University. The students should be citizens of certain developing countries in the continents of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, North Africa, and the Middle East to qualify for the scholarship. 

Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

These scholarships are available for students who have an interest in leadership and development studies to study at the American University located in Washington DC. 

Emirates Leadership Initiative Fellowship

These scholarships are available in the US to brilliant students from the UAE and other Arab countries to study at Harvard University’s Kennedy school of government which is a centre for public leadership. 

Global Leaders Need Based Scholarships

Under this scheme, need-based scholarships are available for international students who have an interest in leadership studies to study in the United States of America. This is one of the top scholarships for young community leaders.

Other international leadership scholarships- 

A) South African Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Scholarships

The Oprah Winfrey leadership academy for girls in South Africa is an all-girls boarding school that was founded in 2007 in South Africa by the celebrity anchor Oprah Winfrey. The aim of the school is to provide education and leadership opportunities for all talented girls from poor financial backgrounds. It is a special learning school with a boarding of 300 students who are enrolled in grades 8 to 12. Education in the institute is provided for free by the school under the leadership scholarship program.

B) Korean University Global Study Abroad Scholarship

This University Merit scholarship is offered to international students on the strict parameters of academic talent. It pays for their first semester at the university. Students who get an extension for the duration of their study at the university are eligible to apply for the merit scholarship again at the time of approval of the extension. 

C)The Berlin School of Creative Leadership Scholarship MBA 

The institute offers the Berlin school of creative leadership DLD Executive MBA scholarship in Germany. This opportunity is offered in collaboration with the digital- innovation conference DLD. The course of executive MBA is for those students who are already in leadership positions or are designated for one. The course molds and fits into the life and schedule of the students with a flexible modular structure. This helps the students to retain their jobs and complete the degree at their own pace.

D) Leicester Castle Business School DMU Principal Scholarships

The Leicester Castle Business School offers this scholarship for overseas students who have enrolled in the UK to study courses at the De Montfort University i.e DMU. To win this scholarship the students need to meet the university’s language requirements for English in PG courses.  This scholarship is available to all students to pursue MSc, BSc, and MA programs from the university.

This leadership scholarship is worth 3000 euros and is available for the fields of global finance and leadership management, the business of motorsport, intercultural business communication, and business management in the following areas- sports, creative industries, creative enterprise, global banking, and finance, global finance and investment.

We hope you enjoyed this article on leadership scholarships around the world. To know more about related fields do check out our other blogs.

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