The 7 Most Interesting Facts About The University Of Florida

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May 10, 2021

Located in Gainesville is Florida’s third-largest university, the University of Florida. Established in 1853, the University of Florida operates on a single mission and that is, Civium in moribus rei publicae salus. This means the welfare of the state depends upon the morals of its citizens. One of the most interesting facts about the University of Florida is that Gatorade was invented here by scientists at the University of Florida, Medicine in the year 1965. 

Another noteworthy fact about the University of Florida is that it ranks number 30 among other top national universities in the USA. The university is consistently ranked among the top institutes for higher education and rightfully so. The university offers admissions on a highly competitive basis and the average acceptance rate is only 37%. The university boasts about its high student satisfaction levels and promotes a vibrant and fulfilling student life. Students of the University of Florida are continually expected to challenge themselves and the conventions. 

The University Of Florida is one the most affordable public land-grant universities in the USA. The history of the higher education institute is filled with stories and record-breaking facts. This article is dedicated to finding out the most interesting facts about the University of Florida. 

7 Most Interesting Facts About the University of Florida

Here’s what you didn’t know about the University of Florida

Record-Breaking Research Awards 

The University of Florida receives a three-digit figure as a research grant every year. In the year 2016, the university received $724 million dollars as a research grant. For 2018, the university received a grant worth $776 million dollars. 

The university broke all records in the year 2020 by receiving research award grants worth $900 million dollars. This figure was even more surprising because the pandemic caused a setback in educational institutions all over the country and the globe but the university still managed to receive a three-digit grant figure. This makes it one of the most interesting facts about the University of Florida. 

Wildlife And Ecology Conservation At University Of Florida 

The university’s McGuire Centre holds the largest number of butterfly and moth specimens in the world. The mission of the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation of the University of Florida is to foster education, expand knowledge, and reward scholarship, using multi-disciplinary approaches, for the purpose of understanding, managing, and conserving biological resources.

The Florida Bat Conservancy, part of the University of Florida also has a house on-campus, especially for bats. 

Football For The Gator Good  

The Florida Gator Football has a 106-year history and includes three national championships, eight SEC championships and three Heisman Winning quarterbacks. The Gator was chosen as the mascot after a local merchant started selling pennants with an alligator on them. It became popular with local students and thus the Gator was born.  

The nickname “The Swamp” was given to Florida Field at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium by former UF Football coach Steve Spurrier who noted, “only Gators get out alive.”

University of Florida’s Ben Hill Griffin Stadium & Football complex is the 12th largest college football stadium as it has the capacity to seat 88,548 people.

One of the most interesting facts about the University of Florida is that it regards sports as high calibre achievement and rewards students who are involved in sports. There are many sports scholarships available at the University of Florida

Notable Alumni 

Prominent graduates from the University of Florida include influential businesspersons such as Susan Ivey, basketball player Joakim Noah, football player Emmitt Smith and the world-famous lawyer, Curtis Chillingworth. Apart from these prominent figures, the university has been successful in shaping the careers of leaders who are currently major contributors to their field of expertise. The university has produced celebrities, politicians, agriculturists, athletes and business people. These include the American politician and lawyer, Marko Rubio, Ravindra. K. Ahuja CEO and founder of Optym and many more. 

Project: Heavener School of Business, Warrington College of Business Administration Architect: Robert A.M. Stern Architects Location: University of Florida; Gainesville, FL

Excellent Student Life & Student Satisfaction Rates 

The University of Florida leaves no stone unturned when it comes to nurturing and providing a memorable student experience. The university has more than 1,000 registered student organisations all created to empower students and induce a sense of community and belongingness. At the University of Florida, every student is given an equal opportunity to represent their interests, organise events and be a part of the Gator community. The Independent Florida Alligator, the daily student newspaper of the University of Florida, is the largest student-run newspaper in the United States.

Over the past years, the student satisfaction levels have remained between 94 to 96 per cent. 

Perks Of Its Location 

The university is home to two large lakes of Florida. Gainesville is a vibrant city with wildlife and untouched natural habitat. The students of the University’s of Florida enjoy adrenaline-boosting activities such as taking part in the Sweet Water Raceway or floating down a river stream in an intertube at Springs State Park.   

The university is surrounded by untouched nature, and according to the U.S. News and World Report, the University of Florida has the third-best Biological/Agricultural Engineering program in the country. 

University Achievements

One of the most interesting facts about the University of Florida and its achievements is that the university ranked number 1 AAU institutions for Master’s degree programs and grants for Hispanic students. The university is known to give credits to students for participating in sports. As a result, 85% of the students of the University of Florida use Recreational Sports each year. Moreover, The University of Florida boasts the largest number of students participating in the alumni association with more than 10,000 student members. 

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