Tune Into The New Technologies For Students In 2021

New Technologies For Students

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August 24, 2021

Top New Technologies For Students

Ever since the industrial revolution, technology has played a huge role in everyday life. It has made life better, safer. These trending technologies are relatively new but are growing fast. These technologies require talented professionals to contribute and manage them. They have become so important that even working professionals who have been in the industry working for many years, are doing short courses and certifications in trending technology courses. One important thing about these new technologies for students is that they are here to stay. They have become mainstream and will get developed further. These are emerging technologies that will reshape education. 

New Technologies For Students

Technologies That Will Shape Future Classrooms

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is about creating near-human or superior intelligence in machines with the help of software and other related technology. This is the fastest-growing technology and is expected to make inroads into many industries. This technology is also at the heart of other new technologies for students being used now or will be developed in the future. It is truly futuristic. AI eliminates human errors. It could replace areas where human error can prove costly. Though sceptics would like to push doomsday scenarios of people being replaced by AI, the reality is that AI is also creating many jobs. In India, AI is expected to grow to a value of $935 billion. Students are realising the potential of this industry, and are getting educated in AI. Many top universities in the world have also begun offering degrees, diplomas, and courses in AI. So, this is a technology you need to learn.

Big Data

You end up creating a lot of data with every digital footstep you take. Now imagine billions of humans doing things every day. Quintillions of data is generated in exabytes daily, and all this can be termed as being a part of big data. This big data can be categorised in the structured and unstructured and be used to extract useful information based on which one can spot patterns, and make decisions and predictions. With the use of analytics, big data can be used to make huge strides in innovation. Big data is already a popular field of expertise. Important professions like data scientists, data architects, and data analysts are already counted amongst the top jobs in the country. Remember, the world’s data creation capacity is only going to increase, creating a high demand for big data experts. So, now is a great time to learn big data, and think of making a career in this industry.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning (ML) is another form of artificial intelligence but is being developed as a separate application of it. As the term makes it clear, ML is one of the new technologies for students that learns over time. It builds on the input of training data and starts learning on its own. ML has the potential to improve many aspects of our lives and is already being put to use. Currently, ML is used in computational statistics and analytics. Since ML is a more concentrated part of AI, many students are opting to learn this as ML technology has taken many strides in the past few years. You can easily find graduate, postgraduate, diplomas, and certification courses by reputed educational institutes and universities. It’s important that you start early in this industry to have a high-paying successful career. Because, today, the ML industry in India stands at a value of $6.4 billion. These figures are only going to get better. 

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the biggest revolutions in the IT educational system. Massive servers stored in remote locations are known as cloud servers. These servers are used for computing and data storage. Think of the basic IT infrastructure in an office…single computing and storage server system with many users accessing it through a computer. This is how a cloud system works but on a humongous scale. Cloud computing is powerful, safer, and cost-effective. It gives users access to a host of computing new technologies for students that they normally would not have been able to do. Many companies are migrating to the cloud owing to technological advancement and data security. Therefore, this industry is only going to grow from strength to strength. If cloud computing excites you, you will find a good course and start learning. You can start with an excellent career in the IT industry.

Edge Computing

The only technology that rivals cloud computing is edge computing. Cloud computing happens in a large centralised location, whereas edge computing takes place in data centres located on the edge, but a lot closer to the location that needs computing. They can be termed as mini data centres. The latency and bandwidth issues of cloud computing are addressed in edge computing. Therefore, this alternative technology can easily overtake cloud computing. By 2027, edge computing will reach a value of $43.4 billion, making it one of the most valuable new technologies for students of the future. So, education in edge computing can put you right on the edge of an excellent career.


One of the biggest achievements of blockchain technology is the crypto currency. But this technology has many other uses that are currently being explored. Security is one of them. Blockchain is a database of open-source, de-centralised technology that can be accessed and used by anyone for making transactions. Every time the technology is used, it is permanently recorded to the chain of transactions. Hence the name, blockchain. Owing to the high-grade security of the technology, many companies across the world are moving towards using blockchain technology to support learning and make transactions secure. Worldwide blockchain technology will be worth $20 billion in 2024. There will be a huge demand for professionals like blockchain developers and engin

Examples Of New Technology In Education:

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