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July 23, 2021

If you are applying to UK universities to pursue your higher education in your dream UK university, you must be aware that your application passes through the UCAS i.e Universities and Colleges Admissions Service which operates the application process for admissions to all British universities. As a part of your application form, you may be required to give or fill a personal statement for UCAS.

A personal statement for UCAS is a statement written by the applicant that outlines why they want to study at a particular university or college and why they think they are eligible for the same. It gives candidates a chance to highlight their personal skills, achievements and qualifications that would improve their chances of admission. It is the main opportunity for the candidate to convince the college admissions committee to select their application by stating how and why they stand out from the rest.  Writing a UCAS statement might seem like a daunting task but we are here to help you through it. 

How To Write A Good UCAS Personal Statement

Keep the following points in mind to understand how to write a good personal statement for UCAS- 

  1. Understand the given guidelines- You need to understand the requirements for a UCAS statement before you set out to write it. The statement should not exceed 4,000 characters or 47 lines of text. The personal statement should have a strong conclusion and you need to make sure the conclusion is not haphazard or abrupt. For this, you need to plan and structure your statement well. 
  1. Focus on your strong points in the statement to convince the college admissions committee that you are suitable for their university/college. 
  2. Since you can write only one personal statement for each course you apply for in the UK through the UCAS, make sure to avoid mentioning any universities or colleges by name. This tip will act as a great UCAS personal statement tool for you. 
  3. If you choose similar subjects to apply for, talk about the subject in general and if you have applied for a variety of subjects, it is best to talk about common themes and your general achievements. 
  4. Examine the course descriptions to identify what experience, achievements or skills it requires and frame your statement accordingly. 
  5. Let the reader know the core reason why you are applying for the course or university- why you are interested in the subject, your future career plans in the field, and why you consider the college or its course relevant for the same. 
  6. Include any jobs, volunteering or internship experiences and achievements in the statement that are relevant.  This tip will act as a great UCAS personal statement tool for you. 
  7. Include all clubs or societies you are a part of in the statement, be it artistic, sports or academic clubs. 
  8. If you have undertaken any degree or course apart from your regular school, make sure to mention it in the statement.
  9. Before writing the statement, choose in advance which universities or colleges you want to apply to so you can tailor the statement to cater to their requirements. 

Structure and Sample

It is essential to get the UCAS personal statement structure right to make it more appealing and lucrative to the reader. 

The UCAS personal statement structure should ideally follow the following format- Introduction, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, conclusion. Take a look at various UCAS personal statement examples to get a clearer picture of this.  

UCAS statement example- Imagine you are applying for the course of  Economic History with Economics in the  London School of Economics university in the UK.

Here is an example of what your personal statement can look like (One of the UCAS personal statement examples) 

“Coming from a developing country, I have always been interested in and eager to learn about economics and finance and how it aids development. In school, my grades in the subjects of economics and mathematics have always been high and I have fared well in all the projects and assignments given in the same. I have participated in and won a number of competitions and quizzes based on economics and also attended a fair number of seminars on the subject which roused my interest in the subject further, and I am looking forward to experiencing the same during my time at the University. I believe that my passion for the subject and eagerness to learn more about it make me an ideal fit for the course.” 

We hope this UCAS statement example proves to be helpful for you. 

We hope you enjoyed this blog on the personal statement for UCAS. To know more about related fields, do check out our other blogs. 

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