Common Scholarship Application Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

In this article we list the common scholarship application mistakes student commit and give you tips on how to avoid them.

Written by Prakriti Yadav

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June 24, 2021

Academic scholarships are very useful as they help to fund the education of those students who are in financial need without putting them in debt. However, it might get difficult to win a scholarship as there is a lot of competition. Millions of students apply for scholarships each year. Some win their dream scholarships and some don’t. What makes some scholarship applications stand out? What makes the others get rejected? There are a lot of common mistakes most students commit while filling out their application forms. They need to be avoided because even the simplest of errors can cost you your scholarship. Here is a list of critical common scholarship application mistakes most people commit that need to be avoided at all costs :-

Not Understanding The Eligibility Criteria And The Given Instructions 

The eligibility criteria for each scholarship is different and very important. Students need to read the mentioned requirements and criteria carefully and make sure they meet the set standards and rules. A lot of students overlook this and apply for scholarships they are not eligible for in the first place! If you know you don’t have the necessary qualifications to apply for a scholarship, avoid doing it. Because as the applications are perused by expert panels, they will very easily and immediately notice that you are not eligible for the scholarship. It won’t be overlooked. Once they see you don’t fit the bill, the application will straight away be rejected. 

Writing Dull And Inattentive Content in the Application Form

Sometimes students don’t pay enough time and attention to the quality of their scholarship essays when it comes to writing. This leads to their writing seeming unexciting and monotonous to the scholarship panel. A lot rides on the tone of writing and the style of writing when you are submitting your application for a scholarship. Both need to be positive, inspired, and creatively original. It is advisable to mention your strengths strongly in the application and present your weaknesses in a neatly folded package so it seems like you are positively working on them. Make sure you pick interesting essay topics to write on. This is one of the most common scholarship application mistakes.

Opting To Not Apply For Scholarships At All

Sometimes students are totally close-minded and reluctant to apply for any scholarship at all, probably because of the mental misconceptions they hold about scholarships. Some of them include thinking that they have zero chance of winning due to tremendous competition, the process of award payment being too lengthy, the scholarships not being genuine, thinking there is no suitable scholarship for them, etc.  But none of this is true. There are numerous custom-made scholarships for every type of student and you can only win a scholarship if you apply for it in the first place! 

Not Researching All Scholarships 

Many times students are unaware of the number of scholarships that are actually available since many are offline. These include scholarships offered by local NGOs, rotary clubs, the church and other religious organizations, and local charity communities. Even your parents might be entitled to scholarships for their children under the scholarship for children of employees program offered by their company (that is if the company has this as a policy) Make sure you research all options thoroughly. Since the competition in these scholarships is low it increases your chances of winning. It is also important to research the internet thoroughly for online scholarships to avoid making such scholarship application mistakes.

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Failing To Do a Social Media Cleanse

It is one of the most common trends to check out the candidate’s social media profile when examining their scholarship applications. If your social media profiles on any platform have inappropriate content like abusive language, hate speech, racist jokes, bullying, etc then you may lose the scholarship or in the worst-case scenario, even your admission. This is why you need to do a social media cleanse before applying to a university and for scholarships.

Submitting a Standard Essay for Every Scholarship 

Sometimes, the timeline of applying for different scholarships overlaps, and students get busy applying to all of them under a hectic schedule. Because of this, they end up submitting a standard essay for all scholarships. This is a huge mistake. Your essays need to be tailored and customized for every scholarship you apply to. Make sure you manage your time properly to be able to do this, as submitting a common essay might get your application bypassed or overlooked, thus making you lose out on the scholarship.

Incomplete and Inaccurate Application Forms

This is one of the most obvious and common scholarship application mistakes students commit while applying for any scholarship program. You need to make sure your application form is complete with accurate information and not riddled with mistakes! Grammatical errors tend to leave bad impressions on the application perusers. Make sure you proofread your application and have it checked by someone else too to ensure it is error-free before sending it across. 

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to avoid scholarship application mistakes. To know more about related fields, do check out our other blogs.

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