How Does A Student Brag Sheet Help In University?

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August 30, 2021

High school students are frequently jam-packed with extracurricular activities, club projects, volunteer work and academic responsibilities. All of these aspects contribute to who you are as a person, and college admissions officers want to see the true mettle of students. If you want all of your hard work to pay off in the end, you will need to keep track of all of your impressive achievements. Read on to find out just how important a student brag sheet is for university hopefuls.

What Is A Student Brag Sheet?

How Does A Student Brag Sheet Help In University?

A brag sheet is comparable to a student CV, in that, it emphasises your achievements, significant experiences, leadership abilities, and jobs during your secondary education. Essentially, it’s a fast reference book containing all of your accomplishments and facts for someone who wants to learn more about you.

How To Use A Student Brag Sheet?

A Student Brag Sheet can be used in a variety of ways and situations – 

A Letter of Recommendation Guide – Share your brag sheet with your teachers, coaches, and any other adults you’re seeking letters of recommendation from. Even if a teacher sees you in class, he/she may not be aware of all the clubs and activities you are involved in, both inside and outside of your school life.

If they need assistance, the brag sheet will allow them to quickly reference your successes, activities and abilities. Remember, to not feel discouraged because your teachers cannot remember your achievements off the top of their heads. Many of them have hundreds of kids to keep track of, so referencing each student’s accomplishments without assistance is tough. Making it simpler for them to do so will enable them to submit a letter of recommendation quickly, which will benefit you.

How Does A Student Brag Sheet Help In University?

A University Application Supplement – Include your brag sheet with your college applications to offer admissions officers a better understanding of who you are outside of your student position. While a good GPA and test scores are desirable, universities also want to see individuals who volunteer and participate in activities outside of the classroom. You may also want to keep your brag sheet handy when, or if you decide to complete the Common Application.

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Brag Sheet Format

Keep your brag sheet as clear and succinct as possible, much like your college essays. Anyone who reads your brag sheet will be reading a lot of student papers. To improve readability, use bullet points instead of long paragraphs and restrict your brag sheet to one page.

Include your name, address, and phone number at the top of your brag sheet. In addition, some brag sheets come with a question and answer section, which you may use. Some students respond to questions but only include them on their brag sheet when handing it to people who write letters of recommendation, not to potential institutions. You’ll have to figure out which choice is best for your scenario.

Some example questions include:

  • What would you consider to be your most outstanding accomplishment thus far, academic and personal?
  • Talk about an event or happening in your life that had a significant impact on you. How did it affect your life, both personally and academically?
  • Describe yourself using only five positive adjectives.
  • What do you consider your three greatest academic strengths and weaknesses? Please briefly explain your answers.
  • What do you consider your three greatest personal strengths and weaknesses? Please briefly explain your answers.
  • Are there any factors or circumstances in your life related to your grades or admission test scores that you would like colleges to be aware of?
  • Are you excited to explore a particular academic area in college? If yes, which area of study and why?
  • Briefly introduce yourself to your future college roommate.

Important school experiences and activities that universities will look for include (but are not limited to) –

  • Volunteer and community service work
  • Leadership positions you’ve held
  • Non-academic extracurricular activities such as your involvement in music, arts or athletics
  • Academic clubs or academically-focused extracurricular activities you are (or have been) involved in
  • Honors and awards you’ve received (in school, community or otherwise)
  • Employment, part-time or otherwise (internships). 

What To Brag About

A brag sheet does not have to resemble a traditional résumé. Include your grade point average (GPA) as well as any exam results you have (such as the PSAT, SAT and ACT). But keep in mind that the purpose of your brag sheet is to promote your high school career and personal achievements. Include all of your experiences beginning in ninth grade. In an ideal world, you would have kept track of all of your extracurricular activities, sports, clubs, travels, volunteer service, awards, leadership roles, and so on. If you haven’t been keeping track, now is the time to start! 

How Does A Student Brag Sheet Help In University?

It’s important to remember that this is called a brag sheet for a reason. It may feel awkward to mention all of your accomplishments, but they are your wins! While you should be truthful (certain universities may check), you should not be excessively modest. Now is the time to “brag” about your achievements!


Brag sheets can be a fantastic method for you, as the candidate, to make things simple for your recommenders. A detailed and accurate brag sheet may assist a recommender in writing a letter that reflects who you are as a person, is particular and relevant to your goals, and will help you get into the school of your dreams.

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