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top skills to learn

Written by Pareeshti Rao

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May 21, 2021

With an increase in the pace of technology development, the number of online courses, things to do, and skills to develop are gradually increasing. There are ample opportunities for students today to acquire skills in multiple areas. 2022 is the perfect chance for students to seize such an opportunity and master skills that can prove to be of great use in the long run, if not immediately. On that note, we have listed down the top skills to learn in 2022 which we think will be useful for students. You can either try your hand at something completely new and foreign and discover your newfound passion or you can look for the best skills to learn online based on something that you’ve wanted to pursue directed towards your career growth. The ball is in your court after all!

Before we proceed, let me organize some of the top skills to learn into categories so that you can pick a category of your choice or more and gain perfection in your area of interest.

Skill CategorySkills
Health & WellbeingFitness, Yoga, Mindfulness, Nutrition, Gardening
Culinary SkillsCooking, Baking
Artistic SkillsDesign, Adobe software, Photography, Musical Instruments
Personal SkillsWriting, Personal Financing
Professional SkillsDigital Marketing & SEO, Coding, Copywriting

Best Skills To Learn: Health & Wellbeing

To put it simply, developing skills in the area of health and wellbeing are life hacks. Moreover, with the pandemic posing a threat to our lives, the last thing that we’d wish upon ourselves is to face any health-related issues. Taking conscious efforts about your diet and fitness can always make a difference. For that, we’ve listed the top skills to learn in this category:

Fitness & Yoga: If you are looking for a healthy balanced lifestyle then making fitness and/or Yoga part of that is a key factor. If signing up for a gym doesn’t appeal to you, I get it. Then working out in the comfort of your own home is your answer. There are several online fitness apps and YouTube yoga tutorials that can help you out in this process. Onesuccinctly of the best skills to learn in 2022. 

Mindfulness: Mindfulness is the human ability to be fully present and aware of where we are and what we’re doing. Mindfulness meditation involves paying attention to the breath and bodily sensations and is accessible to all of us. 

Nutrition: Nutrition has been one of the top skills to learn amongst many students as the trend in youth to ‘stay fit has been popularized. Nutrition is essential for growth, development, health and wellbeing. 

Best Skills To Learn In 2022: Culinary Skills

There’s no better satisfaction than being able to bake or cook by yourself and for yourself. While there are several culinary institutes in the world where you can go to pursue a whole course as such, you can also develop the basic skills sitting at home.

Cooking: Learning to cook with creativity and confidence is very different from just cooking a quick pasta dish. So why not take the plunge and learn to cook from an expert. You never know if this could potentially be the first step to your culinary career.

Baking: If qualities like organizing, attention to detail, patience and creativity are something you possess, then learning how to bake will be a piece of cake for you (quite literally)!

Top Skills To Learn: Artistic Skills

Art is one of the most appreciated skills to learn today; especially with the increasing popularity of digital designing. There are several skills that you can develop in the arts category and for all we know, your interests in this field could turn into a profession where you’ll be making money out of something you love.

Design: Those who are well aware of the design field must already know how dynamic and innovative the design world is. Taking an online course to learn and brushing up on your designing skills is the perfect solution as it is both time and cost-effective. There are several Adobe premium designing software that you can install and learn with the help of tutorials or their step-by-step guides.

Photography: Some of the best skills to learn in 2022 would be photography if capturing moments and memories have always been on the top of your mind.  You will be thrilled to know there are some very good online photography courses to meet what you are looking for.

Musical Instrument: Have you always wanted to play the guitar or learn the piano? Well learning how to play an instrument online may just be your answer. The high quality and variety of online courses become the obvious choice, so why not give it a go.

You can also check for post-pandemic music scholarships in the UK if you wish to pursue it as a full-time course.

top skills to learn

Personal Skills

Some of the best skills to learn in 2022 under personal skills include: 

Writing: Being able to communicate and express ourselves through written words is such a valuable skill that we use every day. Whether it is writing an email to a boss, writing a resume or creating a post for social media, being able to write in a succinct way is a super useful skill.

Personal Financing: If money management, budgeting, and getting out of your debt is something concerning you, then personal financing is the perfect skill for you to learn.

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Professional Skills

You can learn professional skills sitting at home and implement these practices in a professional environment and you will notice that you have excelled because you automatically become an asset to your organization. The best skills to learn online here include:

Digital Marketing & SEO: Trying to get someone’s attention online and engaging a user with relevant content is in demand today. If you educate yourself with some of the top digital marketing & SEO courses out there; it’s only going to be a brownie point for you. 

Coding: Do you want to hop on to the coding trend and learn programming related courses? Does designing a website and becoming job-ready as a programmer excite you? Then, coding is one of the best skills to learn online. 

Copywriting: Copywriting is one of the skills that are in high demand. The career opportunities can vary from website copywriting, blogging, eBook writing, product copywriting and much more.

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