What is A Joining Letter?- All You Need To Know

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August 7, 2021

If you are here researching the concept of a joining letter and what is a joining letter, then that means you have probably been selected for a job. First off, our heartiest congratulations to you!  A joining letter is a letter given to a candidate shortlisted for a job that reveals his or her willingness to accept the job. It is usually offered by the company’s owner. The job hunt procedure by the company ends with the joining letter of the selected applicant. After choosing a candidate, a company grants an employment letter mentioning the terms and job profile of the designation. On getting the job guarantee from the company, the candidate may take or reject the job proposal.

Format  |What is a Joining Letter? 

What is a joining letter? What is a joining letter format? It plays a significant role in big business houses, companies and the job sector. Before joining an organization, new employees ranging from teachers, professors, freshers to engineers need to submit the joining report in order to get their salary, benefits, and performance report procedures started. 

Study the following picture to know what is a joining letter format-

Joining Letter format should contain the following:

  1. A consent letter
  2. Terms and benefits
  3. Job details
  4. Job profile

The consent letter asserts that the candidate has accepted all the necessary terms and conditions for the job and is willing to accept the position offered to him/her. The terms and benefits elaborate on all the conditions and perks that come with the job. The job details and profile specify in clear terms the job role expected of the candidate. A good letter is one that shows a decent customary knowledge of the job role and expectations by the candidate and is considered as top-notch linking or career communication.  

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Tips To Write

A joining letter is written evidence of the candidate’s acceptance of the job offer, and also specifies the date of being appointed to the company.  It is essential to present this letter in a predetermined format. Keep in mind the following tips before settling down to write your letter –

  1. Ensure that you include all the necessary elements and points like date of joining, terms and conditions of the job, etc.
  2. Keep the letter crisp and readable.
  3. Avoid using slang or casual language and inappropriate language. 
  4. Double-check the letter  for grammatical errors if any 

Keep in mind that there is a lot of difference between what is a joining letter, which is written by the candidate to accept the long term employment offer, and what is an offer letter which is offered to the candidate to work for the specified period of time under probation and an appointment letter which is an essential official document that states and confirms that the candidate has been selected for a given job position in the organization for the long term and specifies all the terms, conditions and perks that come with the job role and outlines all the duties and responsibilities of the selected candidate. 

We hope this blog provides you with sufficient information on how to write a joining letter and what is a joining letter. 

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