Popular FAQs On What To Do If You Get A 2:2 Degree

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April 13, 2021

Hello! Are you here because you’re wondering what to do if you get a 2:2 degree? First off, I’d ask you not to feel discouraged or disappointed. That should be the first step you should take when you receive a 2:2 degree because there are so many other options to look at and with the right kind of support and advice, I’m sure you’ll figure your way around. You must be asking yourself if a 2:2 degree is worth anything at all and to show you what you can get out of it, I’ve written this article and hope it will be of use to you.

FAQ 1: What Is A 2:2 Degree?

I’d like you to think of a 2:2 degree as a degree with interesting and rewarding opportunities for students so if you are thinking about what to do if you get a 2:2 degree, understand how the UK grading system works first, know that obtaining a university degree at any level is a matter of pride, and go ahead with making use of the available resources for yourself. The UK system of degree classification is not the same as a GPA or other international grading systems. UK degrees are classified as follows:

1st / Class I70 or above
2:1 / Class II Division I60 – 69
2:2 / Class II / Division II50 – 59
3rd / Class III40 – 49

FAQ 2: Which Are The Graduate Jobs With A 2:2 Degree?

You may be under the assumption that a 2:2 degree will do you no good and might snatch your dream job away from you. But there’s no harm in exploring your options right? More so because, employers who are hiring candidates today are quite flexible with graduate scheme entry requirements and use international assessments to recruit graduates. The following are the different career options for you to help you figure out what to do if you get a 2:2 degree;

  • Accountant
  • Underwriter
  • Technical Engineer
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Quality Assurance
  • Police Officer
  • Copywriter
  • Business Consultant
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Marketing/PR Assistant
  • Machine Operator
  • Risk Management
  • Retail Management

FAQ 3: Which Companies Accept 2:2 Degree Graduates?

Some of the major companies are hiring graduates not just on the basis of their degrees, but on the basis of their resume, their extracurricular activities, their performance in the interviews, their presence of mind, the skills they have and many more. Here is the list of the top companies hiring graduates who, in fact, do know what to do with a 2:2 degree.

  1. The Big 4 Accounting Firms (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, and Pwc)
  2. Apple  (Even Steve Jobs almost missed 2 grades in middle school)
  3. Boots
  4. Google
  5. HMRC
  6. John Lewis
  7. Jaguar Land Rover
  8. Met Police
  9. RAF/Army
  10. Sky
  11. Stagecoach

FAQ 4: Can I Apply For a 2:1 Demanding Job With A 2:2 Degree?

If the companies are particular about applicants only with a 2:1 degree, then I would advise you not to apply. But before that, make sure that you’ve read the job description and the necessary requirements thoroughly before proceeding with your decision. For instance, if the description states: “Only apply if you…” then you know that there wouldn’t be a point in applying if you do not meet the requirements. On the other hand, if the description states: “Desirable qualities” or “would like” rather than “must haves”; then you can stop wondering about what to do with a 2:2 degree and might as well give it a shot. While you may think it’s pointless to send your application, there’s a high probability that the employer gets impressed with your CV and cover letter.

FAQ 5: How Do I Get A Job With A 2:2 Degree?

You’re getting your way around what to do with your 2:2 degree if you’ve reached here. We have some tips on how to proceed with getting a job with a 2:2 degree and they go by:

1) Be open minded to opportunities that come knocking on your doors, be aware of job vacancies for 2:2 degree graduates as well. Do not limit your career options if you’re versatile and feel like you fit into a particular job.

2) Try looking for different graduate schemes that you’d like to apply to and go ahead. Most of the UK’s top graduate schemes accept 2:2 degree holders and you can not only benefit a lot out of it, but you also have high chances of getting recruited.

3) Apprenticeships are another way of enhancing your opportunities. With recent changes, companies have begun offering these roles to students and graduates. You’ll not only receive a recognised qualification which you can add to your resume but you’ll also get paid for it, and you’ll get an idea of where exactly you fit into. 

4) Internships are another way of solving your what to do with a 2:2 degree crisis. One of the main challenges of getting a job is when you don’t have sufficient work experience. By way of internships which accept 2:2 degree holders, you will have work experience as well as work exposure.

5) Obtaining a higher level of degree could be another option for you. In fact, it is more beneficial for you in terms of getting a job with a higher pay due to a higher level of degree. In the chart below, you can see the level of degree and the annual salary earnings for each level.

Source: The US Bureau Of Labor Statistics (BLS)

You can notice that higher the degree; higher the pay. So this is one of the ultimate tips on what to do with a 2:2 degree and now that you know it, I’m sure you have begun to explore your options and postgraduate universities. If you do not wish to pursue higher education, you still have other options like the ones we mentioned above. So don’t panic or hesitate to be open-minded all because of a 2:2 degree.

I hope this blog on What To Do With A 2:2 Degree was useful to you. If you find tips, tricks, and guides helpful, make sure to read these blogs:

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