Sports Scholarships In New Zealand

If you’re planning on pursuing a career in athletics and wish to graduate in this field, New Zealand is the perfect place for you. Most of the top universities offer a range of sports scholarships in New Zealand, intending to attract international students. These scholarships are intended to provide financial support to gifted and talented students. International sports scholarships in New Zealand allow students to pursue their degrees at the same time as continuing to train in their sport. 

Student-athletes with evidence of excellence in sports will be eligible to apply to the universities in New Zealand for bachelor’s courses, certificate programmes, diplomas, or postgraduate courses. When choosing recipients of sports courses and sports scholarships for international students in New Zealand, universities take into account - your sporting achievements, your potential for further success, and sometimes even your academic records.

Some of the top universities and schools that offer sports scholarships in New Zealand for overseas students, as well as, domestic students would include - the University of Canterbury, Waikato Institute of Technology, Massey University, IGQ Golf College, Academy of Diving Trust. University sports facilities are of a high level, with several possibilities for students to participate. Numerous courses provide New Zealand sports scholarships for students who wish to pursue a career in sports.

The outdoor lifestyle is well-known in New Zealand. More often than not, this way of life is tied closely to sports and physical activity. So whether you prefer team sports like football, cricket, field hockey, netball, rugby, touch rugby, or basketball, or prefer to test yourself as an individual like surfing, snowboarding, mountain or road biking, running, swimming, or climbing, there will be a way for you to participate, at whatever level suits you.
As an international student, you can pursue several courses in your area of interest with sports scholarships in New Zealand. There are courses in sports coaching, management, outdoor recreation, and leadership that focus on motivation and psychology as well as technical and practical aspects. Others, such as degrees in health and physical education, physical activity and nutrition, and rehabilitation, are primarily concerned with the human body and its management.

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For those who wish to study sports degrees in New Zealand and explore student life in the country on a budget, there are a number of sports scholarships in New Zealand available. Here is a list of a few scholarships that you may be eligible for. 

John Wright Sports Scholarships

The John Wright Scholarships are offered by the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT), New Zealand. These sports scholarships in New Zealand, are open to male and female students from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Applicants must be international students and have completed their studies to a level that meets the requirements for entry into the SIT programme they are applying for. Scholarships are available for programmes offered at SIT’s Invercargill campus. Based on your sports qualifications, you will either be eligible for partial funding or full funding. The full scholarship covers the recipient’s first-year tuition fee. The partial scholarship will be an amount equivalent to 20% of a student’s first-year tuition fee.

New Zealand India Sports Scholarships (NZISS)

e scholarships funded by the New Zealand Prime Minister. These New Zealand sports scholarships for Indian students are offered to those intending to study bachelor degrees, graduate diplomas or post-graduate sports related programmes at New Zealand universities, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics. Not only will qualifications in this field help Indian students gain rewarding careers for themselves, but they will also serve the ambitions of both sporting nations. The scholarships cover one year of full-time study only and include:

  • Full tuition fees and associated student levies for one academic year are only paid directly to the NZ institution
  • A $15,000 contribution to living costs pro-rata, one year only

New Zealand Institute of Sports Scholarships

Students applying for study at the New Zealand Institute of Sport are eligible to apply for a part or full fees scholarship. These sports scholarships in New Zealand will contribute to your tuition fees. Priority will be given to applicants who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the sport. This may be shown through all or some of the following areas:

  • Sport performance reflected in representative honours
  • Academic achievements
  • Involvement in school, club, community or sports activities such as Coaching or Sports Administration
  • Desire to have a career in the police or services (NZIS Pre-Police course only)
  • Hardship cases where students would benefit from financial support towards study costs

Massey Academy of Sports Scholarships

Massey Academy of Sport is a sports scholarship programme for emerging and high-performance athletes, supporting students to achieve their best academically and in their sporting careers. As a high-performance athlete, you can apply for a scholarship to the Academy of Sport programme in the year before you start at Massey and continue to get support for the duration of your time as a student. Massey also offers athletes other support like:

  • a travel fund to help with costs for international competition
  • the annual Massey Blues Sports Awards, and
  • great sporting facilities on all of our campuses.

University of Otago Performance Entrance Scholarships

These sports scholarships in New Zealand are established to encourage excellence in areas of performance including sport, culture, music and the arts. They are available to academically able students with demonstrated high-level ability in their chosen area of performance. Recipients of this scholarship have represented New Zealand and their regions in sports such as adventure racing, aerobics, alpine ski racing, athletics, badminton, basketball, BMX, cricket, equestrian, football, free-skiing, futsal, gymnastics, hockey, ice hockey, and many more sports. The standard value of this scholarship is $16,000, tenable for 3 years.

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